You too young if you don't knovw what these are GAME BOY NONINNCE Mark @2EZ_HBM l think psps failed because it was a head of its time If they dropped the PSP in 2018 with PlayStation 4 games it would go crazy This is probably the truest post I’ve seen The PSP was like Trunks coming from the future to warn us other hand held systems would become shitty and extinct The psp was the most clutch gaming system ever Once I got WiFi at my crib porn became 100000 times more accessible I use to be in the back of church playing nba ballers pursuit force nfl streetz ratchet and clank I use to be wavy as fuck pulling out my psp and playing music The speakers were loud as hell I think one time I left my psp at home heard my playlist while at schoolI use to have to record they music with my phone by the radio in the car Sometimes my mom wouldn’t stop talking or she would turn down the volume towards the end of the song to start parking Oh the simpler times I use to have the mean ass dragon ball z screen savers on my psp Movies on deck for when a hoe wanted to Netflix and chill Screen was wide like I was at a movie theater too I should’ve taken advantage of this God sent technology I coulda got hella pussy with this shit I’m not gonna even disrespect my psp and say it was the first android I ain’t gonna lie them games use to durable as fuck I put my gta in the microwave and it still worked Meme











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