Yestay Tke top banaas like you Whet's the date thent hun Im driving past Gatwick tonight get ready x t Tinish in Smins perfect can't watt Let me know when and where to pick you upmeet 7 Today Gatwick airport south terminal 410 pm Be there or be suuare Please dont I'm the kind of person that would actually book a flight somewhere with a random person on tinder Lets doit Where we going Paris taly New York? Vour choice m game But Thave options so be quick Daling httpswwwwowchercouk dealtravel12846246mystery getaway-voucher?from 4699308 Srootmetadatatitle Sroot metadatadescription wwwwohetcok Tm game No joke shall we actually do it Pls don't be shitting me d actually be up for it Yeah me too Do we get to dchoose when were going mno snake How do we booki Ate they legith I think you get to choose out of a couple of weekends but Im not 100% Also if you get Ball or one of the really far away ones you go for a week Yeah they're legit One of my friends has done it and I've been so up for it ever since I heard about it One of us books then the other transfers the money? Can wchoose a date prety E0on Need a bit of sun in my life Haha yeah sure cba with this rain You happy for me to book and then you transfer me? Yeu Im good with that just can't do this weekend The holiday thati Pzoan we fly from Gatwick it we can choose The draw is on the 23rd so we find out where we go then and book the flights and give all our details in then Will try and go from Gatwick for sure Fingers crossed it bai Fuck if we're going on holiday l have to go for a nin Get this sexy beach bod ready That would be ridiculous 0 Ok it's booked And shutup you already have a beach bod! Delived My mate matched with her 2 days ago and is now waiting for a reply after the most daring thing he’s ever done Meme






New York





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