Yeaaaah!!! Planned Parenthood once again targeting News poor neighborhoods to do their duty and get rid of babies that might be born to poverty or unloving mothers don't forget to look up your loving founder mother of eugenics Margaret Sanger!! Such a wonderful person that Adolf Hitler actually wrote her letters of accommodation and praise you can see these actual letters in our National Archive in Washington DC My favorite Margaret Sanger quote The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kll it October 2 at 645 AM has a new facility now The two-story 4500-square-foot clinic is now accepting Planned Parenthood of open in new patients 2d Like Reply Planned Parenthood You must be a fan of Hitler Hitler improved the German economy and greatly helped his people first so forget the millions he murdered Same logic Be EDUCATED before supporting something You cant have it both ways Forget that they sell shredded baby parts for money! SO if I am a billionaire and give poor people money I am free to murder becauselam also doing good Logic killed again WENYCOM New Planned Parenthood facility open in Planned Parenthood of the has a new facility now 543 442 Comments 73 Shares 17 2d Like Reply Тop Fan I think every male child should have a vasectomy as soon as medically possible then when they can prove they are financially able to take care of a child they can have it reversed Problem solved If men want to control our bodies we should be able to control theirs 11 Like Reply 2d So my local Planned Parenthood which has been open for years moved a mile down the street Meme











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