wow she really left our toxic relationship to be in a happy relationship? Every dude has that one girl that we think “damn what could have been?” That girl is far from perfect but a combination of personalitylooks and chemistry between the two of you was a perfect blend You can’t reminisce on her king move on You just scrolling through ya timeline looking for memes In bed to put your mood up when she updates her story Dudes not FBI agents like girls We be searching through tags and profiles for someone We end up watching basketball highlights But me I was determined Shorty caught that heartbreak glow up Once a girl cut her hair she a whole new person She lost that Fupa and caught all the motivation she never had while with you She focusing On God family and school now She been hit with a Revelation to better her self for the next dude she with And the funny thing for the Next dude If your girl was slim she got thick within a 4 day span Her skin glowing she bumped up from the 65 - to a respectable 8 It’s no nut November and you tryna stay strong but her new nigga don’t participate in that He probably clapping as we speak You see a snap of her and hear a dudes voice in the background You trying to figure out if it’s her daddy or new man But then you realize her daddy ain’t come back from Walmart New dude voice deep like Mufasa You sound like Hinata to him This one hit to close to home fam I’m still a dog tho Meme











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