#WonderGal @amazonheroicon Follow You don't need to avenge this one She could remain dusted Because she's one unnecessary garbage Smarter person in the world my ass You morons only say this because she is black There's no way a teenager can create and develop all this technology in Wakanda 12 Bullshit AVENGE THE L L E N MARVEL STUDIOS APRIL 26 Heather Hughson @HNHughson Follow Replying to @amazonheroicon So in a universe of superheroes with magic powers and living Norse gods the one thing you find unbelievable is a smart black girl from a society that values smart black girls and has valued them for centuries? 928 PM 26 Mar 2019 1657 Retweets 12912 Likes yunki luvr @sirenmyg Follow Replying to @amazonheroicon @THICJO0N so you can accept a teenage boy who shoots webs and swings from buildings a man frozen in ice waking up and having super human strength another man turning big and green before turning back into a human but not a young black girl being crazy smart? 1239 PM 26 Mar 2019 607 Retweets 14469 Likes3O9 wade-wilzon blackqueerblog this is a universe where people have superpowers and there are talking trees but this person thinks having a smart teenage girl is unrealistic ok so y’all racists be fine with peter parker having one of the highest IQ scores in the marvel universe at the age of 15 and older and making his own web fluid and web-shooters - a fluid and a mechanism that were never invented before - adn all his suit later on and being an actual no5 in the top 5 most intelligent marvel scientist but y’all be not ok with a young black girl being just as smart if not smarter? i see Meme











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