WIZARU speedoweedo on a list of dumb shit i know the grass in the original shrek movie is not grass its hair they used hair textures for the grass bc the actual grass for some reason in their computer modelling programs would not behave like grass so they used hair textures colored green speedoweedo elvis presley was a registered DEA officer who asked nixon for the title and was awarded it ndiecity What else? WIZARD speedoweedo the great escape artist houdini was living in a time period where mysticism fortune telling ouija boards seances and etc were becoming very common place and trendy and he fucking hated it so much so much that he would go to seances in disguise and make some bullshit off the wall shit like my son died last year can you let me talk to him and the seance person would be like 'THIS IS YOUR SON HELLO FATHER then he'd rip off his disguise and be like YOU FRAUD I HAVE NO CHILDREN He died on Halloween night in detroit and as far as i know every year they hold seances on halloween trying to get in contact with his spirit If seances work i bet his ghost is just pissed off and not responding out of raw spite speedoweedo foxes cant snarl like dogs and wolves cus the muscles in their muzzle dont allowe it so they just drop their jaws and scream simon-newman Brain *An extremely obscure fact from the subject I never studied in my life* Me How the f*ck do we know this? Brain I don't know! Both *Screaming* lolpicsAstroFunny I really like some of these Meme

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