WITHIN proof that sometimes rock & Loside and uplift a creative sensi- Fact is your Reserve vr We eant Repayment Proe You serve it So you Car an mean valkee Think ab Then thin lifetime THE TOP S0 ALBUMS OF 1990 aps the most significant work by a tist this year came from Trish- éad O'Connor In 1987 O'Con- ed a stunning debut album The QUINCY JONES 25 Back on the Block Warner Bros he Cobra featuring songs of em- love-and-sex and wrought-up r* * TOM PETTY 2A Full Moon Fever-MCA y sung in a fierce feral voice as elic pain and as modern as punk Dlease Hrar HURT JOHNNY GILL e much of the most exciting mu- last decade or so The Lion and was music that was formidable win a fierce cult and yet too e to enter pop's mainstream chis year's I Do Not Want What Got O'Connor delivered an al- explored harder truths - about faith betrayed love and mur- 25 Johnny Gill-Motown See your r YOUNG MC 26 Stone Cold Rhymin'-Delicious VinylIsland FAITH NO MORE 27 The Real Thing-Slash Reprise KEITH SWEAT 28 rlGive All My Love to You Elektra BABYFACE sm - and she managed to sing 29 Tender Lover SolarEpic MC HAMMER 1 stunned-sounding voice that Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em- Capitol MADONNA 30 I'm Breathless Music From and Inspired by the Film Dick Tracy' Sire ne of the biggest and most sur- PHIL COLLINS iences of the year It was the 2 cess nobody could have pre- it showed how the barriers be- 3 mainstream and the margins But Seriously-Atlantic ANITA BAKER TCompositions - Elektra MICHAEL BOLTON Soul Provider- Columbia PUBLIC ENEMY ng to collapse in pop 32 Fear of a Black Planet-DefJamColumbia JANET JACKSON A Rhythm Nation 1814-A&M most of the valuable pop jour- ar O'Connor's wasn't an easy 5 33 LISASTANSFIELD Affection-Arista WILSON PHILLIPS g the summer when she re- ow the national anthem to be ne of her performances in local and national media major news Over- were calls for her to be de- Meme








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