WHY I MUST SEX WITH YOU HAVE ORIGHT NOW ALL THE TIME TONIGHT VERY VERY SOON m freshly shaved Oljust got a Brazlian O To keep warm To stop fighting To bond emotionally To feel closer to you Because quickies are cool O My therapist suggested it To act out a fantasy Dljust lost ten pounds Because you feed me Because I'm tke that To break in the new mattress Djust changed the sheets Tomorrow's taundry day O To say goodbye To say I'm sory To say thank you OI ran out of batteries You complete me I want to get back together 'm ovulating OMy endorphins are firing To forget about my ex To help you forget your ex Afternoon delight OI'm leaving the country O got draftod #relationshipgoals Simon says Practice makes perfect To carry on the family name Because wo both love cheese Because 1 started doing yoga I'm an artist I'ma rocker You care about grammar OI have good genes You look good in jeans It's written in the stars It's on my to-do list O I'm tired of swiping left m tired of swiping tight Oi won't find anything better Ot'S winwin Oi have a headache Ive heard it's fun I'm tipsy aI'm bored OYou're hot You're smart You've got big hands It would upset my mother OSomeone dared me DIcrave attention DI had a good day DI had a bad day Im horny 3 You smell nice Sin is in Celibacy is out O My roommate is out Dl just learned a new technique DIneed to bum some calories O You're funny I'm stupid It'd be my pleasure It'd be your pleasure Because I love you It's raining It's Wednesday Procrastination DI haven't showered yet DIjust showered O I'm naked To celebrate To boost my self-esteem To boost my serotonin levels Because you touch me like that You're easy I'm a professional I've got a motorcycle I'm about to be famous You're famous OI need to release tension OI need the validation DI need the dopamine rush To commune with God To live ife to the fullest Dl lovehate you I lovehate myself OI hate everybody but you It's been a while It'l make me popular Iwant to make a baby My regular lover is out of town It's my New Year's resolution To change the subject To even the score As a personal favor Revirginization isn't working out O1ke screaming Oh yeah baby! You give me butterfies OHabit Because you're the real deal Because I lack self-control Because you carried me home I'm on the rebound Bow-chicka-wowwow a Sol can stop crying Because I lost my orgasm Because I'm uniquely flexible It's the end of the world The power is out aYou have tons of tollowers OI'm finally singlo We both lean left We both lean right To make me feel young To escape reality O heard you were good OI'm that good Because I love wearing condoms You're fnally singlo To dust off the cobwebs To improve my rhythm You got dumped Oigot dumped D ike your shoes Oi can't sleep Oi got a new job To make bfe better You alreacy know why I'm avoiding antidepressants For spirituai transcendence 'Cause you're my babes babe OI need some juicy gossip I'm trying out for a pom To expand my horizons To take us to the next level Im out of chocolate We're stuck with each other Because I'm online The happy pills aren't working I'm tired of oral sex I'm tired of being a virgin Ol feel sorry for you I'm addicted You drive a nice car To feel whole OI don't live here You don't live here It's easier than facing our issues You clean up real nice You're a good dancer You're rich O I'm easy OYour skin is soft O Your hair is soft Your package looks promising D There's nothing on TV OThe kids are asleep OMy parents are out O My hand's getting tired OThird base is getting old The birds and the bees do it DI have a medical condition To manage stress Because 1 did the dishes My vocal cords need exercise The sock is on the doorknob It's my birthday It's your birthday It's someone's birthday OYou're sexy AF Because our therapist said so DI have excellent stamina Ojust finished the Kama Sutra You look like you need it You're a good human Ive been Kegeling DI have ten minutes to kill OWe're here and we're queer To break in my new car O My blowup doll sprung a leak I'm polyamorous aI had a dream about you OMeditation makes me homy Dljust popped a Viagra Our bodies fit To scratch my itch To increase my resistance Oike your you-know-what You've got a bigbrain OWe're human Why not? WITH SUGAR ON TOP PRETTY PLEASE PLEASE IWON'T BEG YEAR DAY MONTH SIGNATURE WHO SAYS ROMANCE IS DEAD? awesomage Why I Must Have Sex With You Checklist Meme

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