What's your political affiliation 3319 714 PM Hello What political party do you consider yourself apart of 3319 805 PM Sorry if this seems random 3319 925 PM Sorry if this seems out of nowhere 3419 616 AM Sorry if this seems out of nowhere 3419 830 AM Hi What's your political affiliation 3419 717 PM Are you conservative or liberal Hello 3619 753 AM Yo 3619 905 PM I'm confused about your political affiliation 3619 953 PM Your posts and who you follow makes it seem like your a conservative 3619 1004 PM Or maybe your libertarian 3719 1058 AM Are you a conservative or liberal 3719 809 PM Oh I see these dm's Are for business and not for conversation 3819 744 PM Are you conservative or liberal 31119 732 PM I find you politics kinda confusing 31119 905 PM I find your politics kinda confusing 31119 953 PM You follow many conservatives but you also follow Shoe and Chris ray gun who are slightly left leaning 31219 905 PM Maybe you shouldn't have cut your balls off to be a woman you tranny parasite Why won't you answer me 31319 1105 AM A real conservative man would stay as a man not become some she-male ape Real conservative men stay as men and use their balls 31319 1243 PM You could still answer my question though 31319 1258 PM You follow lots of conservatives but also follow some leftists Tim pool is a social lefty and shoe is a leftist too 31319 752 PM You could still answer my question though 31419 1038 AM Your very political so l'd be happy to talk politics Hmm 31419 419 PM Real men stay as men they don't cut their dicks off and become some hideous she males to fool unfortunate men into thinking your a woman no you are not of this world you are of the devil's 32619 1002 AM Fuck you 32719 1151 AM You tranny parasites disgust me 32719 1154 AM A real man would answer this question but then I remember you were a man now your just some she-male freak who'll do anything for attention 32719 1158 AM Fuck it 32919 824 PM What is your honest opinion on tulsi gabbard and bernie Sanders 4419748 PM Why are you such a pussy despite your conservative views and claiming to be open minded you won't answer a simple question when I ask you one you whore 4719 100 PM Why don't you ever answer these dm'sI ask for your political opinion and I get no answer from you 4719 103 PM It's odd that despite you being very political you refuse to answer my questions about your political views so are you conservative or liberal 42318 311 PM Can't you give me a damn answer 42319 557 PM Come on I thought you had balls 42319 621 PM Just talk to me for Christ sake 5919 1011 PM Bitch 5919 1048 PM Hello 5919 1100 PM Hello 51010 8-58 PM Make up your damn mind bitch! 52719 357 PM Your a whore 100 AM Transgender twitter mutual gets berated for almost a month about her political affiliation When she doesn’t answer dude snaps Meme

Bernie Sanders










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