What should I absolutely not do when visiting the USA? Charlie Knoles I have lived in 5 countries and am an Aussie expat in the USA Answered 2d ago + Don't get out of your car ifyou get pulled over by police I was pulled over by a police officer while driving in Iowa It was one week afterI had arrived in the USA for the first time I had accidentally made a minor mistake disobeying a traffic sign Back home in Australia it's considered polite to get out of your car and walk over to the police officer's car and hand him your license so he doesn't have to get out of his seat I wanted to be extra polite so I immediately jumped out of my car and walked towards his car while reaching into my back pocket I'm lucky to be alive If you come from a gun-free country like the UK or Australia you don't have any natural instinct for gun culture You don't realize that police assume that everyone is armed Things got immediately serious The police officer's hand went to his weapon and I responded by dropping to my knees with my hands up He yelled a bunch of things at me but my memory is vague because my heartbeat was suddenly pulsing in my ears blotting out all sound I don't know if he drew his weapon or not I was staring intently at the ground shaking and trying to project non- threatening vibes My next memory is that there were three police cars around me and a bunch of cops who'd been called for backup They were all keeping their hands close to their guns After some time passed a minute? 30 minutes?I have no idea the tensions de-escalated and they told me to get up I gave the officer my license and tried to explain why I'd approached him It was completely incomprehensible to him that there was a place where people don't fear cops and vice versa at traffic stops It was as though I was trying to tell him that I came from Narnia and our cops were all talking animals I've spoken to several British people New Zealanders and Australians who have shared almost identical stories They really need to put signs up in all major US airports Don't get out of your car if stopped by police They will assume you are armed and they might shoot you fierceawakening adelmortescryche Reblogging for other diasporic and expat folk Especially non-caucasian diasporic and expat folk Some things change when you shift countries Keep the changes in mind Whenever I see this I wonder what the gun guys think about it Meme











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