what in tarnation Drsmashlove Shout to u ladies that's gon text a brother fresh out of the blue with that Hiiii There is nothing more delightful than this text because it tell u everything u need to know If a girl hasn't texted u in months and hits u with Hiii it can only mean one of a few things 1 I'm fresh off of a breakup To be honest I was trying to be a good girl so I didn't text you but now that I'm single and ready to flamingle I wouldn't mind letting you rearrange the alignment of my Punani walls for old time's sake as a reintroduction to being unattached again Hiii ☺️ 2 It dawned on me that you're trifling and unserious about commitment so I moved on and dated a nice kid named Daniel who's an analyst at RBC and whose grandparents have an amazing place in Miami and to be honest I don't wanna ruin things with Daniel but if you want to sext with me and let me be bad for a couple hours I'm ok with that and in return you'll get first dibs if I catch Daniel sending pics of his mediocre ass wiener to rando's Hiii ☺️ 3 I don't even like you Your sole redeeming qualities are your humor and your tongue-dick game but to be honest I've had enough horrible conversations-bad sex recently to where humor and good sex is enough for me to overcome my distaste for you and reach back out Now ask me out to sushi and a drink so I can let you make me laugh and then bend me over my couch while my cat watches Hiii ☺️ See what I mean Bruh? That's like a winning lotto ticket Shout to u ladies that hit us with the Hiii Sometimesjust sometimesfour letter words speak volumes ☺️😂😂😂 Meme











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