well hi there @DrSmashlove See that bashful look on the left Bruh? That's a woman's expression after she just took it way way too far on yo ass A little argument got opened up Little bitty argument U like Hey baby You bought 2% milk I like vitamin D in my coffee tho? No biggie I'm just saying for next time Aw nah Aw hell nah She was already mad FVCK your vitamin D milk Bruh That's when she open up that OH MR 2% HUH CAN'T DRINK 2% WHAT ELSE DO I NOT DO RIGHT HUH? WHAT ELSE DO I NOT DO EXACTLYLIKE YOUR MAMAOR YOUR EX GOT ANY OTHER CRITIQUES WITH YOUR CRITIQUIN' ASS? HOW ABOUT LEMME CRITIQUE HOW U DON'T EVEN TELL ME I'M PRETTY ANY MORE U WANNA CRITIQUE ME? CRITIQUE ME MOTHERFVCKER! WHAT ELSE!! I'M PRETTIER THAN ANY OF THESE NASTY HOES WHOSE PICS U LIKING ON THE GRAM! UGH! U DISGUST ME! I CAN'T EVEN LOOK AT U!!!!! And u just standing there in utter disbelief with your coffee rethinking the entire relationship and that's when she give u puppy eyes That's when she realize she done opened your heart like a open heart surgeon took a little poop inside your heart sewed your heart back up and then now u coming back to life and her eyes are like wow baby I really pooped on your soul here's some crushed hospital ice while your heart heals up I feel bad now Men when this happens do not encourage Do not be an enabler Do not baby it's ok her ass When she trip like that that's when u toss her ass on the bed like a rag doll and give her that I'm extremely mad at u for a valid reason pipe Channel all of your scorn into your penile appendage Go ham and bananas on the Punani u feel me? Smash them cheeks to smithereens U Paul Bunyanand yo PP is a axe Chop that booty in half Bruh U earned it SHE earned it Hit corners of the Punani u never hit before And don't be nice No pleasantries Just the steely determination of a man who earned a well-deserved anger-smash And I tell u this Ol girl gon be wetter than the cot damn Nile River on yo ass Bruh U gon strip the bed down after and even the mattress gon be wet Bam Win win U feel me? THAT'S HOW TF U END A NON-ARGUMENT - BLESS UP πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Meme

Bless up



Earned It







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