* Watch Dra CuddyMother Gothel by Aveku-chan-Kataang Customization Wallpaper People Females @2011-2016 Aveku-chan-Kataang YES! C'MON! 8DDD galotheshroom ava-burton-writing dragonenby writingwithcolor so-many-miles-to-go aworldinneedofmagic the-independent-jew so-many-miles-to-go smol-mother-rose so-many-miles-to-go Yeah there’s a reason for that It’s called antisemitic caricature I don’t understand what’s Jewish about mother gothel… she has a typical Disney face doesn’t she? Is it the curly hair? I mean her nose and everything else seem normal? I’m sorry I’m just trying to figure it out you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to dark curly hair - long hooked nose - darker complexion than the blond blue eyed heroine 9and really the rest of the cast - portrayed as greedy and evil Lisa Edelstein is Jewish As are Idina Menzel and Amy Winehouse both of whom I have seen compared in looks to Gothel Gothel’s design is a pretty clear caricature of ethnically Jewish women This is a pretty good contrast between Rapunzel and Gothel Rapunzel has the “typical Disney face” Here’s a more close up look at her features The hooked nose becomes even more pronounced as she becomes “eviler” If you wanted to claim that there was noting out of the ordinary for Disney animation when it came to Gothel’s features you would have to find at least one Disney princess or heroine with similar characteristics long hooked nose and dark curly hair etc But here is what we have is - small noses that turn up at the end wide flatter noses though cheers to Disney for not putting button noses on their characters of color although Esmerelda’s clothing design deserves another essay on Rromani stereotypes and there are some major issues with Pocahontas as well And then a few misc noses again props for Jasmine’s nose not being a button Apart from just the design of Gothel there’s also the whole “obviously ‘other’ read Jewish woman kidnaps the pretty blonde read gentile kid to use her for ritualisticmagical purposes” Like that right there on top of the aesthetic Jewish-coding is what pushed the antisemitic caricature over the top for me It harkens back to antisemitic blood libel that claimed that Jews stole gentile children for all manner of nefarious reasons Even when Gothel is in “mother” role to Rapunzel she’s is shown as nagging and passive aggressive both antisemitic stereotypes of Jewish women There is no one thing that makes her an antisemitic caricature but the design plus the storyline she plays out plus her characterization cement the overall character as antisemitic Jew-coding a villain is not in itself always antisemitic when there are also Jewish coded heroes Rapunzel does not have that Having a villain steal a baby for magicalritualistic reasons is not always antisemitic as long as the villain is not Jew-coded Rapunzel fails this as well Having a nagging and passive aggressive mother character is not antisemitic provided that she is not again coded as Jewish Rapunzel fails once again Hope this helps EDIT @ariminak pointed out that some of my wording made it sound like Gothel’s features only stereotypically caricatured Ashkenazi women when in fact that is not the case I changed the language to remove that phrasing and make it clear that any ethnically Jewish women can be affected by this type of aesthetic trope If you reblogged the old version could you please delete it and reblog this one instead Spread this version so people recognize that this stuff harms all Jewish women omfg can y’all chill the fuck out any race can be portrayed as hero or villain it’s a fucking kids movie not a political statement So I’m guessing you’re white and a gentile As such you’ve more than likely grown up looking at tv and movies and fairytales and seeing your face in those of the heroes Jewish people don’t get that When we are portrayed in live action our characters are more often than not whitewashed and in other media our features are used and caricaturized to create “evil looking” villains You don’t see it because you’ve been ingrained with the idea that “ethnic” features are just “how you make a character look evil” You don’t look at Gothel and see your mother You don’t see yourself and your people You don’t see decades of propaganda aimed at fostering hate against you and ultimately seeking to destroy you But seeing how you also seem to think that saying you’re not attracted to an entire race of people ISN’T racist you really don’t get any say on any of this So really you need to chill the fuck out and stop telling marginalized people to stop talking about the tools of our own marginalization Let’s play a game I like to call Movie Villain or Antisemitic Propaganda Many “evil witch” tropes were built on European antisemitic stereotypes not just in appearance but in the storylines they play out as well Greediness stealing children killing children hunger for power etc Every time a movie villain design uses stereotyped Jewish features to communicate “evilness” to an audience they perpetuate the marginalization of the people they are using One big issue I have is that Gothel’s didn’t start out as the antisemitic caricature that made it to screen Much of the early concept art has a more dark romanticism feel They changed the original design Presumably to make Gothel more “other” from the good characters in the movie At some point a decision was made that dark curly hair and a hooked nose wound better convey their villain It really doesn’t matter if any of this was intentional I’d actually bet that it wasn’t However antisemitic tropes are so engrained in our societies that people like you even when confronted with a step by step break down of what it is feel comfortable thinking that there’s nothing wrong with it and mocking those calling it out as if we are overreacting You seem to have completely ignored the majority of my post It is the character design plus the characterization plus the story line that mirrors blood libel that makes Gothel an antisemitic character It’s not just about someone of a certain race or ethnicity being a villain It’s about how stereotypes of a certain ethnic group are understood as “villainous” due to villains being repeatedly coded as Jewish over decades of film and tv And contrary to your naive belief all media is political to some extent Every time a historically present minority is not included in film ex lily-white Harlem in Fantastical Beasts or when a minority character is whitewashed or when the “ethnic” features of a minority are used almost universally to portray bad guys it is a political and social issue When you never see yourselves as the people who play the hero or even see your people existing in a portrayal of a place where they should be it is not benign Reblogging again for these additions I’m not Jewish but I can imagine seeing yourself villanized again and again must wear on you so hard like queer coded villains do on me The stereotypes are so insidious I didn’t even realize she was Jewish coded until I saw this post for the first time and since then I’ve been able to pick up on more anti-semitic media Stay cognizant! This is a writing blog so fellow writers! Please take a good look at your villains— even if they’re not Jewish it can be antisemitic Thanks - A Jew™️ I feel like you guys want to be offended its called shape theory and character design I haven’t met a single Jew that has a hooked nose and jews are not the only the only ethnicity with lightish brown skin and curly black hair for example ME I’m Mexican and have those features I have met a woman for MADRID who looks EXACTLY like the woman above and her accent sounds a lot more Spanish than Jewish which would make sense because Rapunzel takes place in Germany and Spain is pretty damn close by Also she just straight up does not have a hooked nose Not anything like those caricatures anyway In the shot where she’s in profile it doesn’t look hooked at all Meme











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