WalesOnline IN YOUR AREA WHAT'S ON RUGBY FOOTBALL SWANSEA CARDIFF SPORT BUs NEWS 2017 in F SHARE COMMENTS Simon HART WILL STARVE YOUR NANCYAND S pEAlives HER HOUSE! Ceidwadwyrlelsh MD MP Simon Hart was the victim of abuse during the 2017 general election with campaign placards daubed with slogans attacking him Share Like Follow 2019 Simon Hart 3 November at 1302 With two days to the formal launch of the December 12th election I was reflecting on what we all gleaned from the last one We should welcome some passion and as far as it's possible the more people who get involved the better it is for our system whether that's local or national So by Tuesday I will set out what gets me going every day of every week and why I still care desperately about the opportunities and challenges facing our two counties Pembrokeshire and Carmar Continue reading Simon Hart @SimonHartConservativ Home Simoh About Videos Posts HART Events Photos Community WILL STARVE YOU Ceidwadwyr lch NANCAND' SEEALeS HER HOUSE Create a Page w Christina Rees Shadow Secretary of State for Wales said This whole affair is as sinister as it is baffling It is clear that the images posted by Simon Hart have been further defaced since 2017 with Nazi insignia added It raises a multitude of questions for the Tory high command and for the relevant authorities But I have one simple question for Simon Hart one that needs answering immediately - 'did you deface your own signs with swastikas for personal electoral gain?' If not explain how they came to be there Because right now there seems no other rational explanation A Conservative politician drew swastikas on his own campaign signs Meme











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