Vthe form girf of gossip No one is perfect and we ali make mistakes locluding you To criticise a friend by gossiping about hisher flaws is a deal breaker egardless of the prufession you even naally choose you'll have the need to communicate throughout life Com ninicating your thoughts wel Includes sharing important informa tion in a clcer was winning people to your side keeping friends and other crucial relationships and more Check this communication guide to ep you naviste this territory effectively as it's sotmething that you will do always from your junior and bigh school years to eollege job and R line with caution Not only does it show bad manners gossip can hurt friendships and damage relationships Before you join the gossip bandwagon think twice and steer clear of many social situations too Changing the Holding a conversation subject graciously In social dos and get to stethers certain things shouldn't be discussed When someone brings up a topic that ean cause an argument at a party like politics and reli Everyone has one and people gion it's a good idea to shift the appreciate you and Ifsten to you conversation You may want to say more if you address them by their something like There are many names This applies to school opinions on this issue Let's discuss college and social contacts as well something better and casy like your Learning how to hold a decent con- versation can make or brek eureers and even social ives Some things you should take note of is to never monopolise a discussion or you will fad yourself excluded from many soclal dos Everyone likes to rumour mongering Remember people's names Use cell phone in public sparingly Rumour starts li that is difficult to with harmless sees No one else wants to listen to a private conversation or wait while you text someone the latest Whatsapp joke Most impor- tantly whatever you do keep your phone away while you're paying your bills Texting or talking on phone is rude to the cashier and it's basic courtesy opcoming vacation plan Recheck email always jokes and jeers bu schoolcollege can So be very careful Handling rude questions We have all been at the receiving comfortable about even if they end of nosy and sometimes out rightly rude questions There are friends smart ways to deal with such sit uatlons without being rude to rude people Also if you're not sure how to answer a rude ques- tion don't say anything Just smile and change the subject You can also take a step back to gain your personal space and say T don't want to answer this sorry It's really alright to say NO to a certain question you don't feel be heard and if you don't do that you may find yourselt a bit lonely at times Think before you hit send as it can never be taken back Re-read before you send it-the content language and tone are from your relatives or close Avoid gossiping Examples of nosy questions How old are you? Have you gained weight? When are you toma Gossiping has got people into big trouble Not only is it in bad taste but also if word got back to the person you were talking about you will lose hisher trust an age contro For more check box on Handling Gossip in Friendship Post with caution on social media ied? Facebook Instagram ete are part of most people's lives now Remem- ber that not only can your friends see what you post others can repost cop share anything you put oat there also to other peo- ple standing in the queue ve to do a lot of dam Did you fail in Physs ast year SOCIAL MEDIA GROWING UP Meet the famous YouTuber LIFE SKILLS every teen should learn These are the basic life skills teens need to know to be independent in this world Say hello to the popular YouTuber with 21 billion video ing attention to 'Let's Play'and he became quite a sensation in the online universe What's more Money management This is one of the most im plication make resume and portant skills to learn in life Knowing how to handle your job or internship during sum- own bank aecount the dan- gers of credit card debt and pare for your future career the importance of investing will give you financial know Goal setting is crucial how that is crucial in life learn how to write a job ap may encounter at one or another Make su know how to handle emergeneies Be inf and aware and you emerge as an indep- ent individual in che of your life and livin well PewDlePie doesn't only do Let's Plays there is vari- ety in his content that in- cludes podcasts reading comments playing fan- made games filming col- Jaboration videos with oth- er YouTubers It's crisp such other things A part-time views and more mer holiday can help you pre elix Arvid Ulf Kjeli berg better known as PewDiePie to his 1001 million sub- scribers nt the time of Fi 'OP Whether you want to take a competitive exam or eat more healthy goal-setting skills are Work skills The big bad world where you essential Make proper plans have to compete to climb up with achievable results the ladder in your field will be tougher and less forgiving han school and college So going to press is one of the most subscribed individual most gamer-commentators and co- channel has amassed the it into big ticket entertain- Number game a fledgling market of video catchy and fresh Tamous YouTube on YouTube Since 2013 his game commentaury and tuned PewDiePie has uploaded over 3800 videos on the platform and lhas approx 21 billion video views His channel aiso ranks as the 10th most viewed on YouTube Team NIE 3medians on the internet To most YouTube subscribers ment Felix wasn't the first per know all about his success and in 2018 his estimated son to play video games while annual earnings were almost recording himself but he has been more entertaining than others trying to grab eyeballs in this territory His reactions to horror games laced with Emotion regulation Learn to manage your emo- tions like controlling anger knowing what to say when and so on It's as important as academic learning story read on $16 million Who is PewDiePie? Claim to fame PewDiePle from Sweden took PewDiePie is a popular 'Let's Play' YouTuber who is the genuine humour started draw INTROSPECTION Dealing with crises A fire a sertous injury or natural disasters are just a few of the etnergencies you s multitasking slowing you down? W hile it might seem mental blocks that can slow ho day project lke you are ac you down Also doing any kno that little complishihg many different things at onc can info ation impair cognitive ability CA Expert ed from when all ne So instead of will be either tas is said and things at once re search has shown that our brain is not nearly as good at handling It affects your 10 SPEAK and forth from multiple tasks as we think it to A study by the University of switching ba one task to ano er try to fully devote your atte tion to each London fouund that participants multitasked during be In fact some researchers suggest that multitasking can who don't know much about the smaller details of formal dining Please tell me what should one should do with the napkin when leaving the table mid-meal? -Curious Teen achually redace productivity by cognitive tasks experienced an task for at least 20 inutes 1Q score decline similar to those who have stayed up all night Q Doing this will ensure that you meet your dedlines on time minus the st ess that en- sues when you thy to do too as much as 40 per cent Does it hamper A Hi it's great that you are brushine up on your dining etiquette skills Ab the napkin well check these points What's the solution? productivity? many things at the same time It applies to all age groups in cluding school children too ADAPTED OM The next time you find yourself atching from one task to an in a tight spot trying to juggle strher makes it difficae to tune listeming to your tuition teacher i distractions and may cause and planning for the upcoming MUST BO MUST SEE AUGUST 21 2019 Japan after the surene Japanese govetument of World War t 178t The brave Hyder All fought the Battle of Palitore with the British ESTORAGE WARS HISTORY TV18 500 PM As the buyers arrive in Chino Catfornia Darrell gives his son a chance to provhimself while Jar rud and Brandi find a maic anit TELEVISION 1965 Swiss Prench an fect and city planter Le Corbusier passed 870 Sasipada Banerji of Koikata established the first labour orgenisation namely Sramajia Sangha MOVIES ON TV BANACONDA &FLX 310 PM A doc 2entary ew who are om their nission tofiudatrbe belp a saike bunter after they find him strand ed He fors them to risk timetr Hves and hunt dewn an anacanda What Retows is a dangervns tryst away STUPID BEST CAKE WINS FYI TVI8 700 PM Top bakers Drom across US c eat birthdey cskes and compete apgainst eath ether to win the coveted title #URIGL OF aTUma KATSOMAL DISCOVERY STARS IN INDIA DIS 1982 Anandamayi Maa passed away 2928 Nellogg-Briand Pact- 60 nations agreed to condemn recourse to war for the solition of international 1984 US President eME MEBALL MOVIES HOW 7E5 Ronald Reagan anno eifiaen tadie a policeicer Brom Hang t that raalrouorsioe -from an Indian bro”My man has even made it to the Indian newspaper!”Aww manthat’s four in a row Bebe! 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