Virgin OC characters posts Text so small you have to zoom in Author spends hundreds of hours drawing Half of the text is extremly 1000 times non-sensical even for VVC charactes that won't be standars used ever again Shameless way to push your art because nobody cares about anything else you do most of the charcters can be easily classified either as virgin or chad still feels the need to create another useless character Literally doing it for fake internet points The creator will go apeshit if someone uses his creations without giving him credit Chad original VVC characters posts Literallly a drawing in paint Text and characters can be Original funny and plentyfull text all of it represents something you can see in the seen from a mile away that took 5 minutes at most image creating a perfect balance Hair has been firmly fastened to The Virgin Walk Most authors THE CHAD STRIDE physiques could be gaining millions using Has figured out how to always look everyone in the eye at once at al times Looks below parallel angle at al times Characters so Avoids eye contact and looks away immediately Has never heard a song in Does not register the emotions or feeings of others at all their skills to perfect that have slouched make other Too polite gives too much Arms constantly flailing im confident unpredictable ways been used for oncoming traffic teur n sy eseelys things still make VVC memes Intentionaly slaps and batters incoming traffic to make his own path Stiff straight arms OUcH! years without altering their core characteristics any hand form Hands aways prepared to grab nearby fertile pussy measure stmeht you could with his spinal cord Might be too tense and rigid because they foundation Waking form is poised lke a Greek statue perpetually in contrapposto Bonus want post that doesn't include them is Rapidy tiptoes around lke in going to MANDATORY the store Does not feel the need to pass anyone because he's already brutalized everyone nearby into destined to fail Compuse walking pass slightly slower than him No gne alve gan inu e and get away with it Tiny beete-ike stride Long strides Everybody uses them without feeling the need to give credit as everybody Literally doing it to help civilization progress knows both Virgin OC characters vs Chad original characters Meme







Too Much




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