vigarath ayriath sensicalabsurdities miatasenpai island-delver-go 8bitmickey tanoraqui threefeline creepsandcrawlers jelloapocalypse dastardlypineapple probablyottrpgideas strangestquarkwave professorsparklepants vigarath Size comparison of Y’gathok the Ceaseless Hunger and Bjorn our level 20 Goliath Barbarian Hey quick question why the FUCK do you have that Imagine from out of nowhere your dm casually slapping this thing down on the table like any other encounter “Yeah the fight will start in a sec uh…I’ll give inspiration to whomever helps me get this fucking box out of my car” httpswwwredditcomrDnDcomments7asxcioc_ygathok_the_ceaseless_hunger_final_boss_of_ourThis is the reveal of this ridiculousness during their game Please watch this reveal video it’s kickass FUCK ME the reveal video “CHRIS??????” “Um I don’t think our plan is gonna work” Always reblog Y'gathok DM*Pulls out Y’gothok* *Turns on “Open Your Heart” by Crush 40* Wow that DM really goes above and beyond Reblogging Ygathok because it’s been one year since we fought him!!!! It just popped up on my timeline today! Happy one year anniversary our precious Old God boi!!! One year ago today this boy was revealed And for you guys I have great news I have the stats of Y’gathok complete and a general design for “how to use him” done However an adventure guide is incoming to teach you how to integrate him into any of your worlds! Meme


Final boss









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