VIEWER DISCRETION* IF U DONT LIKE SEEIN BLOODDEAD ANIMALSDONT SWIPE TTStorytime - Today is a real niggas birthday I was feeling good too Kendrick album dropped Joey album dropped and my butthole wasn't sore when I woke up I came out of my room and my Mom greeted me Suprise! She handed me a small box What is it? Open it and find out I took it back to my room and cut it open I tore away the plastic and packaging peanuts Is that Is that a Pocket pussy? I turn around and my Mom is smiling at me You like it? Mom why'd you get me this thing? Well obviously you don't get any pussy so I thought I'd help you out sweetie What? It's even modeled after me YOU WHAT? Quit your whining you came out if it anyway Even stretched me a couple inches I stood there in horror Not only was it a pocket pussy it was modeled after my Mom Well I'll leave you to it She winked at me and shut the door I looked down and stared at the sex toy Should I throw it away? Burn it? Give it away? 'Use it' I startled myself My brain actually considered using it 'It's a gift from your Mom Terome Use it' No way 'You will regret' I doubt it Just then my Mom came in the room What's wrong sweetie? You haven't even touched it Mom I'm not comfortable with this Really? Maybe I should help you She began to undress infront of me She pushed me on to the bed and sat on me - Wow what happened next Dad? That's enough for today Billy It's time for bed Aww mannnn! I'll tell you tomorrow goodnight brother Goodnight Dad Meme











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