VETERANS COME RST VA EMPLOYEES STEALDRUGS RAWAS 1 LIKE 1THIEFIN PRISON Doctors nurses or pharmacy staff at federal hospitals — the vast majority within the VA system — siphoned away controlled substances for their own use or street sales or drugs intended for patients simply disappeared Aggravating the problem is that some VA hospitals have been lax in tracking drug supplies Congressional auditors said spot checks found four VA hospitals skipped monthly inspections of drug stocks or missed other requirements Investigators said that signals problems for VA’s entire network of more than 160 medical centers and 1000 clinics coming after auditor warnings about lax oversight dating back to at least 2009 “Drug theft is an area of concern” Jeffrey Hughes the VA’s acting assistant inspector general for investigations told AP He said the monthly inspections could help the VA uncover potential discrepancies and root out crime VA clinics are overwhelmed not only with corruption of bureaucrats but also with banal petty theft at the expense of American veterans The VA is exactly the ministry which requires the most thorough shake-up of personnel and total cleaning from those whose reputation leaves even the slightest doubt Veterans have long been held hostage by the liberal crooks and first of all we should get rid of them veteranscomefirst veterans_us Veterans Usveterans veteransUSA SupportVeterans Politics USA America Patriots Gratitude HonorVets thankvets supportourtroops semperfi USMC USCG USAF Navy Army military godblessourmilitary soldier holdthegovernmentaccountable RememberEveryoneDeployed Usflag StarsandStripes Meme











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