Verizon 1x 315 PM 61%D Post Turns out cutting off 15 of her hair last time she touched scissors wasn't a big enough lessonshe cut her bangs AGAIN So now she's BALD I think this time the lessons gonna sink in a little deeper! Write a comment Post News Feed Requests MessagesNotifications More thetwelvewords matt-ruins-your-shit jackpowerx savage-affinity Context to the story The girl cut her hair once so that she could have bangs The mother disapproved and decided to cut off 15 of her hair as punishment The girl later again decided to change her hair style and the above was the result she shaved her daughters head Having a few personal experiences with this kind of invasive behaviour it really hurts to see someone go through these kinds of things where the parent tries to live vicariously through their childs life to attempt to shape them and make their decisions for them depending on what THEY would do and give their child NO independence or self expression Thankfully this mother thought her actions were 100% justifiable and posted it to Facebook as a bit of a “haha teach my kid a lesson” and has been hit with brutal recrimination from her community and has had visits from Child Protective Services For so many young and older girls their hair is their self expression and in several months I hope this girl will have hers back Children are not their parent’s possessions Children are NOT their parents’ possessions CHILDREN ARE NOT THEIR PARENTS’ POSSESSIONS!!! CPS is an overreaction but still what a cunt that girl looks more than old enough to be making decisions about her own fucking hair Here’s a helpful guide for parents if another kid were to do it to your child and you would be incensed and call it bullyingassault etc…don’t do it yourself you stupid fat fuck I know I am a throwback but why would the child not fight? I fought back physically over so much less than something like what a shaved head is to a female Not a virtue signal blah blah… just an expression of amazement that the child would not stand up and say no decisively Are you fucking seriously wondering why a literal child being abused by their parent didn’t “fight back”? This is the woman willing to forcibly cut her own child’s hair and then post pictures to humiliate her publicly If the kid had “stood up and said no decisively” there’s a good chance she would’ve gotten her teeth knocked in Meme











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