*** URGENT!! *** Bonded Pair MARILYN and HOUDINI - Loving Home Needed This is HOUDINI Deeny Doo the tortoiseshell and MARILYN Mazzy Cat with white and grey coat They are sisters and they are an affectionate and bonded pair With strangers they are very timid but with people they know they are the most gorgeous and loving cats each with a unique purrsonality They are both sterilised microchipped and flea-free They were rescued as kittens from a vacant block with the help of 9 Lives Cat Rescue Their current carer is sad to part with them but is moving to Hobart soon and can't take them HOUDINI Houdini or ‘Deenydoo’ as she is affectionately known is a beautiful tortoiseshell She's a bit of a princess but also very sporty and feisty! She has super-fast reflexes and just LOVES to chase anything that moves She seems to never tire of playing games and will even tap you on the shoulder with her paw and meow for more play time She is lots of fun and needs someone who has time to play with her When Houdini is feeling happy she is quite vocal and makes a beautiful assortment of chirps and trills She is a very shy cat and will run from strangers but with people she knows well she is affectionate loves lap cuddles will give you plenty of head-bumps and kisses and follow you around the house She is ok with being picked up for a little while and will sometimes cuddle back when picked up She is two and a half years old sterilised microchipped and flea-free MARILYN Marilyn is a very sweet-natured and dainty cat She is definitely the lady of the house and is very loyal and adventurous She brings her current carer a leaf or two from the garden every night and leaves it by her bed as a gift Like her sister Marilyn is a very timid with strangers but with her chosen human she just LOVES to be patted and comes running for lap cuddles at every opportunity She will greet you warmly at the front door every day with many meows and happily cuddle up to you in bed Marilyn is also sterilised microchipped and flea-free These cats are timid cats and definitely need a very relaxed and quiet home environment It will take at least one month of bonding before they will warm up to you and they will always be timid around strangers and loud noises Therefore they are best suited to a quiet household with 1 or 2 people max definitely not dogs or kids and not near a busy main road They ideally need to be able to go outside and enjoy the sunshine climb trees and roll in the sand They eat most foods but do particularly well on raw wet food - raw kangaroo meat is a favourite I am looking for a forever home for these two cats All applicants will be screened for suitability https9livescatrescuecomauadoptadoption-application Meme









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