Unpaid internship opportunities are actually useful ply to them and you should ap You can use them to practice your interview skills If you get an offer just tell them that you can't work for them because you got accepted for a paid internship Not only do you get back at exploitive companies by wasting their time but you will also be able to practice what you're going to say when interviewing at a real company lemonade-cat ellewritesfiction I was about to be M A D but this is truly good advice An important addendum to this!!!Unpaid internships are ONLY LEGAL if-The work that you are doing benefits YOU and not the company ex you being told to fetch coffees for the managers benefits THEM and does not benefit your education this is work that would LEGALLY need to be paid-There has to be a CLEAR and UNDERSTOOD agreement that the internship is unpaid If you were led to be expected it was a paid internship and they suddenly were liek “what? no it was unapid” then the law is on your side to be paid because they didn’t make the agreement clear enough-The work you are doing must COMPLEMENT the work of paid employees there NOT replace it -The work you do must be RELEVANT to your topic of education Again going back to the coffee example the chances that fetching some one coffee is relevant to your education is not likely this is not allowedAlways remember these things when taking an unpaid internship you actually DO have legal rights in this regard! Unpaid Internship are supposed to benefit YOU not the employer Meme











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