Unfiltered 38 mins If you're a single mother you're setting your children up for failure The statistics are there Learn how to keep a man and do better for your kids #onlythetruth #notsorry #immarried DO YOU SEE THIS PIECE OF SHIT? That's a single mom She looks harmless doesn't she? Yet single moms are a crime production facility Countless studies have shown that single motherhood ruins children's Ives Single mothers cause disproportionately high crime rates merntal health issues drug abuse and educational probiems Single fathers do not have such a negative impact It's the mothers that become destructive when not supervised by men 43 %of o armina inge tathers do not s ofi Stme 60%of htsand296f adoescnt mudere grewup withut fatherse Sones and the LLife Withl Ft cy 80%f chireadm ptychatpatnts rame fram fasherless Hotata Pre Schl Chidrenfe Avalety of Cd Py Abusive violece pprs to be a ftio of poerty in mheonly homes bux attonme ang ing fathrs Chldabuse and mc i spar f O 6396of youth sucktes ae from fatherless nom Dept of Het 90% of adcetrpear arsostsv with ly the iethe KinP 85%of at ttre who shove behavier doonders come from Tatherss omese 75% uf ent paetin chem a come rom fatherless hemesntos ao A 7196 of at high school dingours come fr tatherless homes toW Prcps 85%of yuthsin rison grew up in a atheriess home TeD mates grw o i a sine pahosehold 3 ith theer fattierssingle mothers rst idspoporteatety gt m ther mathers Grwng p e heade h d remaed statscal predicr of betrvicr p even ater adustng for ffces in tamely conm Deprivation and Ealy Cdd bevelupment Cha Devesment The relationship beween famly siructure and crme is so strag that controling for famly curguraionerases the Petaionhipbeween race and crime and between low noome and Futtling Children Fest Propesive Pulty notout 4096at thet thy h terfdth th s ather's n an at test tourist the e-user of vhitao by Divorced Faher Differences in Reports by Fhers and Mothers Am Jf Oth ys Chitrenigwth ther dacs fek posiybou mos while cen ig with wwmom were more ety to think negatvey of dads Advanages of Father Cusdy and Contact for the Psychological We Being of Schoal Ape Childinen of Aied evelomealPychologyt Panena A Syndrome AS efidintentienal atmbyne paren Hypically the motter the fs feelings for the other p Techiniguaued indude se storis decep d neatixpltionn of everts Chiden brainwahed by single mothers may develop tute tow her faher or men in general and maty suffer from Stockhm Syeme ersmenn in whh vitos have pse feelings tad ther atusers for example fatheriees hdren who defend or gty heir abusive mothe PSA 43 86 Comments I guess we’re shaming moms for being single now Meme








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