@undocumedia HAD No SA OMER WHAT SIDE OF THE BORDER I WAS BORN ON BUTIDO CETTo DECIDE WHAT SIDE OF HISTORY I STAND ON TO STA @IvanCejatv cofounder-executive director @undocumedia There is no denying that Donald Trump and his administration seek to target the most vulnerable in our communities This includes the undocumented immigrant community the LGBTQ+ community the black community the muslim community women's rights and this planet that we rely on for survival Somewhere there is an undocumented immigrant that is fearful of what the future looks like and is resorting to going deeper into the shadows that have oppressed us for too long ImmigrantsMakeAmericaGreat There are countless individuals that question whether they can come out of the closet at this point because they are fearful for their lives Some of them being our very own brothers sisters cousins and closest friends LoveIsLove The trans community has lost too many lives and we cannot afford to lose another as hate crimes are on the rise TransLivesMatter We must put an end to islamophobia because nobody's dignity should be compromised NoMuslimRegistry Overspending on prisons continues and this will only further devastate our present circumstances and future generations SchoolsNotPrisons Far too many people continue to live without access to health care because we continue to put politics before the dignity and well-being of human lives like yours and mine Health4All Climate change is real and corporate interests should not dictate what is considered harmful to our planet and permissible WaterIsLife We are wary that the fight ahead of us challenges our existence and the odds seem stacked against us However we will resist we will organize we will inform we will advocate and we will stand by each and every one of you We have nothing to lose but our chains and fear is the greatest chain of them all Let's break these chains that oppress us and say it loud HERETOSTAY by any means necessary βœŠπŸΎπŸ’― resistj20 notmypresident womensmarch sacramento blacklivesmatter losangeles california Meme







Nothing to Lose


The Shadow


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