uncleromeo aphrican-aphrodite critical-gemini-hero socialistexan theboykingofhell lagonegirl I hope he wins the lawsuit a police officer was finally doing the right thing and they penalize him for not being a racist monster! his name is stephen mader and not only did he refuse to shoot he actively wanted to help the man ronald ‘rj’ williams because he could tell that he was only acting out because of mental illness rj williams was suicidal and holding an unloaded gun and while mader didn’t shoot him a fellow officer ryan kuzma did and murdered him on the spot here is the source and here’s to hoping rj williams gets justice “Saying the words ‘Just shoot me’ sent up the red flag that he was just trying to harm himself and no one else … That’s what made me make my decision He needed help” I hate this fucking world The guy was actually trying to do his job by actually desculating the situation the right way desculating these days apparently just means shoot them and was fired for “failing to eliminate a threat” HE WON THE LAWSUIT AND GOT $175000 I read this whole story It is wild !! The conversations between him and his ex coworkers about what went down that day 😧😶 Listen to it all here What Happened When A White Cop Decided Not to Shoot a Black Man when I say there are no good cops this is part of the reason why “good cops” lose their jobs for doing the right thing “good cops” die mysteriously after whistleblowing “good cops” are forced to choose between their livelihood and becoming just like the rest Meme











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