uEm3PO 6d ireddit l give you the cutest photo I've ever taken of my pup U might date someone that is truly a nice person Kind Sweet Sex game level = demon from hell who came to ruin u for all future partners πŸ€— U feel me? Generous Funny But y'all fight Y'all have discord Y'all ain't on the same page Y'all struggle Y'all have them long text fights where u feel like a lawyer in a Brooks Brother suit in a federal courtroom but really u just on your West Elm sectional with the slightly busted leg leaning a lil bit while your dog keep you company and u furiously typing texts till your thumbs fall off while shoving scoops of your second Halo Top pint into your mouth U love this person but u hate them There is no balance Any small thing they do that is inconsiderate or could be construed to be so u wil out and wanna kill them What I've realized is people are like food If u have a nut allergy u gon fuck around and eat a peanut and damn near suffocate and die a miserable painful death Someone who's not allergic gon eat that same peanut and be enriched and nutrified yes I made that word up deal with it πŸ€— U feel me? Same food is toxic to one person and beneficial to another The bottom line is that person isn't arsenic - they ain't poison to all living creatures - they might just be poison to YOU because y'all ain't on the same page were never on the same page and never gon get on the same page despite how hard y'all tried These are good people who u gotta block on all platforms and move on witchoe life because communication of any type gon fuck yo life up and u just gotta realize that not only can u not handle them by the handful even one 1 nut could kill u πŸ˜‚ Aight? Let that nut find another home Her next partner might derive great benefit from that nut Or he'll die a miserable death with four Epi Pens jammed into his thighs and 20 Benadryl in his system but if that's the case it was his time 😒 YALL BE SAFE OUT THERE!! Bless up πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Meme


Bless up









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