ucaterpillarcraig 4h Men how have you made a girl cr 435 511 Share BEST COMMENTS bivukaz 2h I work with kids in an elementary school One day I was standing in front of the lunch room and I had to make the kids form a queue in order to enter the lunch room In order to prevent the kids from rushing inside all at once i usually play games with them to make them wait Things like rock paper scissors and other silly games That day I was acting like I was the bouncer of this very exclusive nightclub called The Lunch Room and I asked each kid to bust a dance move for me in order to get in Obviously everyone could enter but they had to shake their body a little bit All the kids were plaving along making fortnite dances and other popular moves like the dab the nae nae etc etc etcthe most shy boys could do the robot and the most shy girls could take my hand and i would make them spin like ballet dancers At one point it was the turn of this shy girl who slowly walked toward me looked at me in the eyes Then cried She was absolutely terrified of doing this in front of the other kids and just cried I tried to confort her a little so I picked her up in my arms and took her hand like we were dancing a waltz then spinned our way into the lunchroom Later that day she came to see me and asking me to dance with her again I sure did I taught her how to dance the waltz the 3 step thing and she had a blast Reply 693 ZipCOde 1h this touched my soul you're so cool 75 frecklesandmusings 1h Fellow educator here that warmed my heart elbmuhdnawen 55m this made me smile <p>from raskmen I had to edit the comments and trim them a bit to fit in one photo because I’m on mobile<p> Meme



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