Two chunky bugs having all the hugs DrSmashlove I go to a girl crib and I see two gigantic Extra Value Meal Big Mac Super Size fries lookin-ass kitty cats like this Bruh and I know it's finna be a long painful sneezy allergic ass night Kitty cats like this Bruh they ain't the pets The woman living there - she the pet THE CATS own that crib The human just pay the rent and hook up the cat food and the cat nip Meanwhile these big ass felines just destroying everything in sight sitting on everything in sight and leaving copious amounts of dander wherever their heart desire Bruh Note to the men Don't take a Benadryl when u go to a girl crib and she got cats like this Empty two capsules on her bathroom counter and snort them bitches like they pure white coca - u feel me? U Tony Montana right now and all u tryina do is survive long enuf to introduce her to yo litto fren So with that said shout to u savage ladies with the big hairy ominous hangry lookin ass kitty cats They gon make me struggle to breathe But they ain't gon stop my determination to slay the Punani Imma befriend them big ass animals Imma pet them Imma love them Listen u obese creatures smash loves all of God's creatures Sit on my lap Cover my Canali trousers in cat dander don't worry about it the Asian dry cleaner lady know all my secrets 😍 Express great suspicion at first as u size me up as to whether I'm a cat person or just a pretender and within four minutes purr and make googly eyes at me as I rub your soft underbelly while your mama gazes lovingly at me And all the while imma hold them tears in Just like a sad movie imma keep swallowing hard and keep it G and not pretend like I'm suffocating in real time And when I get to that bed imma give yo mama that absolute A1 sleepy cat dander Benadryl Dih U feel me? Imma lay so much pipe that the Union Plumbers gon try to hire me Ya get me! Bless up kitty cats Y'all my new friends now Let's go long term We family now Get used to me πŸ€— πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Meme


Bless up




Tony Montana





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