TWICEMEMES Another informative infographic by paukshop This is where the shitposting happens A very low level analysis of the top posts on rtwicememes credit for templates used in this infographic StanClay upaukshop idas upaukshopadid To make a long story short I was wondering if I could prove that Dahyun was the most meme-able member of TWICE So I tried gathering some data and doing some simple math to decide that my bias was truly the meme queen of TWICEI present some simplistic findings using the top 250 posts on rtwicememes More info about the methodology will be discussed at the very end memes about twice memes about twice paukshop ad upaukshop adidas memes about twicememes uzunicide 업기획팀 Ver me and my spreadsheet So I went through the top posts and noted which members were present or the subjects of each meme In the example above I would Ccount that Jihyo Tzuyu and Momo were in this meme I recorded a few additional details such as number of upvotes and the format of the meme and compiled them onto a spreadsheet So let's jump right into itwho has the most upvotesposts? Solo Solo upvotes per Posts Post Participation Total Upvotes Member Solo posts Posts 59034 77932 Mina וו 309% 34 293% 73 22 71727 Momo 54379 53370 75239 72 289% 23 Dahyun 66 265% 49186 Sana 13 75662 63 16 Chaeyoung 253% 47345 79581 60 45025 Nayeon 241% 13 72477 TZUVU 201% 50 74138 37512 8 189% 47 35505 67957 Jthyo 7 43 173% Jeongyeon 32633 2 62300 Posts refer to number of posts that feature that member not excluding others Solo posts refer to posts that only include that member no other members presentreferenced fo in meme 8th Unsurprisingly Mina won by most metrics This is probably a result of her anxiety issues and recent absences The large show of support and love from fans meant a lot of Mina-centered memes She deserves all of it of course but I'd be curious to see if she remains Excuse me what on top when she returns to being an active member the fuck More surprising was that Chaeyoung led most upvotespost when limited to solo posts Looking at the top solo Chaeyoung posts it's hard to draw any conclusions I suspect it is related to Chaeyoung's diversity of meme-able exploits While Mina posts are mostly centered around her mental health Chaeyoung posts range from ONCE outfits to her tattoos That breadth may permit a wider range of popular memes and allow her to overcome the hurdle of Mina support Funnily enough Momo's solo post success falls short of her total meme success making this meme template even funnier I was also surprised that Jeongyeon was placed last I had trouble justifying this particular result the rTWICE mega survey from 2018 indicates that Jeongyeon is in the middle of the pack for popularity As does ueddittor's post looking at Korean popularity polls I was able to find support from uGodspeedMe's post on rtwice who used some actual programming to determine that Jeongyeon has the lowest number of posts on rtwice and rtwicemedia So it seems fairly consistent across reddit not including the mega survey which had a limited number of answers compared to uGodspeedMe's post count that Jeongyeon is the least popular which likely leads to a decrease in the amount of memes about her 2aUNite93 ueddittor httpstinyurlcomy52k8crb uGodspeedMe httpstinyurlcomy2gabxug Other notable findings uMaroonManatee udubusauruluar07 Do template posts do better than original content? VIDEO GIF Template? Count upvotescount 79 7480126582 y 169 7455384615 The top 3 posters among the 250 posts I looked at were uMaroonManatee 11 udubusaur 10 and uluar07 8 Funnily enough I also tied luar07 with 8 posts in the top 250 I didn't really find any significant trends with people having the most posts but both uMaroonManatee and udubusaur have only posted images luar07 and I both have a few GIF posts with varying amounts of editing templates and screenshots GIFS receive more upvotespost 784 than images 744 and videos 693 GIFS probably outperform videos because they're more digestable shorter watch times load faster and more accessible GIFS probably outperform images due to perceived effort GIFS usually take more time to prepare than images without a large trade-off in digestion On average template-based posts such as those found in StanClay's imgur album or posts that share identical reaction facesimages do about as well as original content I hope you've learned a little something about twicememes! I think there's a large case of recency bias even in the all time posts I'd prefer to reward Momo but we have to go off of the data So rtwicememes' most meme- able TWICE member is MINA MYOUN A STAR M s TWICE no not you Comments on accuracymethodology I went through each post one by one after sorting by top posts of all time and recorded the number of upvotes user formatflair number of members present which members were present whether each post could be considered a type of template and gave an arbitrary measure of quality eg a screenshot vs a video There's plenty of margin for error here for example how many members are present in a post where there are 8 members in the meme but the meme topically is about Mina? Does a meme count as a template if it is the first recorded use of that template? So the data collected is admittedly up for debate But without a more rigorous means of data collection something more efficient than going through each post by hand I had to make some judgment calls Ideally this would sort of settle itself by using a large number of memes But doing more than 250 would takea lot of time that I was for now unwilling to spare Another issue worth noting is the fact that the top memes can change daily Even in the top 250 memes new memes could easily displace the top post So there is a large chance that this infographic can already be considered out of date as of the time of publishing It's a good reminder that the best data consists of live algorithms that do not rely on constant checks and input from a human Note that data was collected on November 3rd 2019 In conclusion this infographic is far from the most rigorous or factual study possible But it is a fun snapshot of what the top memes on the subreddit consisted of and what we could take away from them In the end this is just a meme for fun! Thanks for reading! read if this is u X Doubt the most meme-able member of twice is - an infographic about twicememes Meme











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