twentyratsinatrenchcoat waywardmasquerade jabletown manicpixiedreamalien did-you-kno Scottish sculptor Rob Mulholland creates creepy mirrored sculptures out of acrylic glass that makes them blend into their surroundings until your perspective shifts and they suddenly catch your eye Source Source 2 imagine getting lost in the woods and coming across these on a scale of 1-10 how ready for death would you be i didn’t know chaotic evil looked like someone’s dad from north dakota Some one needs to stat these mirror beings ASAP Mirrorfolk Medium construct lawful evil AC 15 HP 100 8d10+20 Speed 30ft STR 14 +2 WIS 16 +3 CON 10 +0 INT 16 +3 DEX 18 +4 CHA 20 +5 Skills Perception +5 Deception +9 Senses Truesight low-light vision passive perception 13 Languages Common Challenge 5 1800 XP Immunities Mind-affecting spells poison sleep effects paralysis stunning disease death effects and necromancy effects Proficiencies No armor simple weapons Natural Camoflauge A mirrorfolk can blend in easily to any environment by reflecting the world around them In order to notice a mirrorfolk using it’s camoflauge players must pass a check with a DC 18 Reflection Three times a day a mirrorfolk may reflect a spell cast at it by passing a dexterity check DC 16 This acts as though the mirrorfolk had cast the spell with the original caster as the target or as though it had been directly reflected from a mirror ex A fireball caught by a mirrorfolk directly reflects the cone of effect The Eye of the Beholder A mirrorfolk may cast Charm Person Hypnotic Pattern Suggestion Crown of Madness or Enemies Abound up to four time per day at their base level The four times are total not for each spell It may cast Minor Illusion or Prestidigitation at will However any illusion created by these spells including Hypnotic Pattern uses its own surfaces The Scott’s Pet Mirrorfolk act as guards to a human mage named Mulholland the Sculptor Their primary goal of creation is to divert attention from Mulholland and do so either through illusion or through turning party members against each other They will also act as living shields if need be However mirrorfolk are considered awaken constructs and their loyalty comes strictly from Mulholland’s kindness towards them Meme











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