True beauty doesn't beg for attention It doesn't care for likes or mentions It is not quantified by aesthetics It is a deep and purposeful truth acknowledged by the soul @chakabars It is from the earth your vessel came unto the earth it shall return It is not really yours your soul just chose to animate it for a while Made from minerals made from space and stardust your consciousness born of the conscious universe So now you exist in this form But you have always existed in one form and another You are a spiritual being so in you being spiritual you are being you You skin is full of carbon body full melanin just like outer space it's carbon dark out there Many people who are disconnected from spirit worship carbon fused into diamonds this is worship of dirt but not of the earth You are made of carbon and this fused together to create this capsule where the whole of your human experience is manifested From the dark came everything all light was created from this blackness Yet we worship stones that are fused of minerals but not human souls that inhabit mineral fusion Human beings are precious everyone who is reading this everyone who has thoughts internalising this from a type of electrical technology designed in the image of the mind We are technology our brains are electrical our children are our technology If we don't give them the space to create if we don't nurture them beautifully then we will create technologies that create negativity And so here is this little technology planted deeply like a seed What do we want to grow Well it depends on what we do everyday as young adults and adults that should grow into elders But you don't grow wise by burying your head in the sand Although if you aren't connected to your roots then you don't have knowledge of how to move forward If you have no knowledge about the movements of the past If you don't know your past then your presence in the present is irrelevant Know yourself and you will pass on knowledge and create history while your spirit is in its element Soul food chakabars Meme





Know Yourself






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