trans rights except tucutes Opoints 1 hour ago What Cis doesn't mean normal or not normal it just means not trans? All the time Ive heard trans people use it in a positive mood all the time What I wouldn't give to be Cis Cis people are lucky Etc etc It's used almost exclusively in the context of how someone with a mental disorder like anxiety or depression would describe not being that Also why are you saying that in all caps Reply Share Save Edit Score hiddent 1 hour ago 1 You have never heard someone say what I wouldn't give to be Cis quityourbullshit 2 Saying someone is lucky is not a positive thing that means there is a difference between the two I don't want to be lucky I want to be normal I don't want to feel bad for you because you aren't lucky there is not one instance where CIS is used as a good thing I use all caps because it's an acronym you wouldn't say Nasa or Cia Reply Give Award Share Report Save trans rights except tucutes -1 poirts 55 minutes ago 1 Ahhh yeah I have? Are you just denying it now lol 2they aren't saying Cis people need to feel Lucky just that they are there's a clear difference Also pretty no one judges Cis people in a negative way I've seen people jokingly use Cis people to describe transphobes but they don't actually think ali Cis people are like that I think if I'm not mistaken because transphobes make insane assumptions for what it is like to be trans that aren't true at all So they say things like Cis nonsense because it's people making assumptions about a group they are not in Kinda like how people without anxiety will make assumptions about what it feels like to have it for example I don't know why you care about how people view you as you just need a thickerskin 3 Uhhhh what? No it isn't What the hell does it stand for than? Reply Share Save Edit Score hidden 49 minutes ago How do you not know what CIS even means and make all these arguments You are either extremely stupid or trolling Either way you don't get it and are no better than people hating on the Igbt community a small minded bigot Stay dumb I'm done Reply Give Award Share Report Save trans rights except tucutes -1 points 22 minutes ago how do you not know what CIS even means and make all these agurments I do know what Cis means but obviously you don't You pulled this augment out your ass claiming that Cis is a acronym when it clearly isn't proof of this is the fact you didn't answers my question of what does it stand for than Let me read you something from the Webster Dictionary Most people can be described as cisgender It got its first element from a prefix that means on this side from the Latin cis or citra which has the same meaning Cis is the shortened term from cisgender And cis in cisgender is from a Latin word It's not a fucking acronym You clearly fabricated and an agurment out of thin air riquityourbullshit Reply Share Save Edit Victim Tries to claim cis is a slur and tries completely change the definition of the word Meme











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