Toxic Killer starter pack Recent Activity 3591 hours past 2 weeks EADBY DAY ecad by Daylight 9 7 864 hrs on necord last played on Sep 10 Achievement Progress 131 ot 131 Screaming 500 XP KILLER RANK 126 I play for my fun If you aren't having fun maybe you should play something else leave a salty comment below if youre a trash survivor to add to my salt mine gg ez DISCONNECTION FROM HOST View more info Ataxic Respiration Weeaboo Connecticut United States Campbell's Last Breath MyAnimelist myanimelist ne View more info Iridescent Head Nerf Survivors They're not supposed to have the advantage httpssteamcommunitycom app discussions May 26 2018-Serlously Just removing the pallet vaccum Isnt going to help Add 30s to ALL gens Add 15s to exit gates Decrease the time to destroy pallets Artwork Showcase Survivors need more nerfs Dead by Daylight General httpssteamcommunitycom app discussions Nov 20 2018-https wwwyoutubecomwatch ?vewk N KY lobd28 He didn't even used DS and Prayer Beads Bracelet instamed People also forget about the recent killer nerfs Safe Survivors need a nerf! Dead by Daylight General Discussions httpssteamcommunitycom app discussions Can we nerf survivors? Dead By Daylight httpsforumdeadbydaylightcom discussion can-we-nerf-sunvivors survivor rule book Nyaaaal We love you masterl sabotaging is a dumb mechanic decisive strike doesnt mean im tunneling survivor rule book ggez thats wat u get for trying to blind save lol killers are meant to kill bro killers have to tunnel to win survivors are too strong and need a nerf survivor rule book survive with friends is an exploit survivor rule book facecamping is a legit strat borrowed time is unfair i you cant beat swf without spirit or nurse should be able to facecamp if i want im a killer making survivor rule book sure they die keys and flashlights need to be removed there's a lot of them Meme







Being salty



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