Today we celebrate the 51st anniversary of famed t-shirt logo and sadistic communist revolutionary Che Guevara’s execution at the hands of the Bolivian Army Born in Argentina to a wealthy family in 1928 Che seemed destined for an unremarkable life as a doctor It was in medical school though that Che would become radicalized After taking a sequester to travel South America Che became disgusted by the destitution of Latin America’s lower classes and after leaving school he began involving himself in left-wing political organizations In the mid-1950s Che met Fidel Castro while living in Mexico and became involved in the future Cuban dictator’s band of revolutionaries An objectively brilliant guerilla fighter Che proved to be a valuable asset in helping Castro seize control of Cuba in 1959 It was in Cuba that Che would gain his worldwide fame and make his bloody impact on the world Che was not one to shy away from the use of violence to achieve revolutionary ends As an admirer of China’s Cultural Revolution Che would oversee the opening and implementation of Cuba’s forced labor camp system In addition to becoming the driving force behind the creation of Cuba’s very own gulags Che was most infamously known for handing out summary executions to prisoners and overseeing show trials of dissidents Disagreements with Castro and the rest of the Cuban government forced Che to leave Cuba in April 1965 After traveling to Africa he returned to Latin America to ferment revolution in Bolivia The US backed Bolivian government captured Che after battling his revolutionaries on October 8th 1967 The following day the Bolivian army executed the communist cutting off his hands for identification purposes and burying him in an unmarked grave It was not until 1997 that his remains were found and sent to Cuba for entombment Despite his fame as a hero of the people and a fighter against imperialism Che Guevara was a cold-hearted perpetrator of atrocities His only revolutionary success was helping to overthrow the repressive US backed Batista regime in Cuba and replacing it with an even more repressive totalitarian communist regime As overseer of the Cuban labor camp system Che was responsible for exposing prisoners to conditions only the most depraved among us would see appropriate Che Guevara’s execution was a victory for the cause of human dignity may his soul rot in hell Authored by Chris Snook Online References httpwwwworldaffairsjournalorgblogmichael-j-tottentruth-about-che-guevara httpsmisesorglibraryche-guevara-brand httpswwwhistorycomthis-day-in-historyche-guevara-is-executed Meme











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