This little thing? I made it @DrSmashlove It's officially baby season and with that said lemme hit y'all with my lil two cents on bebes I done seen a lot of couples have babies when tings was on the rocks I don't ever blame couples for this First - a lot of women will carry a fetus to term regardless of the status of the relationship and this is absolutely her prerogative If u own a penis and u enter the Punani u gotta understand that regardless what type of birth control is in effect it could be a Bebe nine months later it's 2017 and u men still fail to grasp this and I'm still amazed U could wear a condom she couple be on IUD and she could take a plan B all combined and if God want y'all to have a Bebe ISS GON HAPPEN BELEE DAT SHIT πŸ€—πŸ˜‚ Second a lot of people think that having a baby will fix things This is called a Band-Aid Baby From my experience a baby will give u more of what u have A baby is an amplifier Do y'all love the fuck out of each other and adore each other? Then some shitty diapers at 2 am and God forbid some health issues and other tests from God won't disrupt that But if y'all got issues? It's only gon exacerbate the situation BUT THAT'S NOT HOW PEOPLE THINK πŸ˜‚ People's thought process is as follows I don't fully trust Mike I can't say I'm happy with him and he does shit on occasion that drives me FUCKING crazy Maybe a baby will straighten him out I agree baby girl Maybe it will Just like maybe u will win the lotto and maybe quit your job and live on a boatbut that's a maybe with a low probability πŸ€— More likely Mike is in no position to be a papa That said I know a lot of superwoman single mama's and regardless of their situation with Mike they've created an incredible home situation for their baby All I'm saying is if you're considering joining the baby rush make sure u understand that whatever you've got you'll have more of it after the baby comes Bless up 😍 Meme

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