this is gonna be an extremely unpopular opinion so bare with me but i don't think children should be vaccinated unless they really absolutely want to be and if they grow up into adults who still don't want to be vaccinated then so be it kids are too young to fully grasp what vaccination does to you and i don't mean that in a they'll make you autistic and die way i mean they don't understand what they're setting themselves up for in the future shots are pretty traumatic for children too but that's for another day if a child is too young to consent to sex or medical transition if they're trans they're definitely too young to consent to a vax i haven't had any contact with my family for quite some time now so i have a hard time knowing my medical history especially with my lack of health insurance and a move to a different country because of that i live with the constant fear that i might have been vaccinated against rabies my family was extremely poor and had spotty health insurance but its hard to say but its fucking heartbreaking to know i might never be fully rabid because my parent might have vaccinated me as a child when i was too young to know too young to have a say in it how many other kids are there just like me? how many adults have grown up miserable because they've been vaccinated against their genetic disposition for a certain disease? its practically eugenics and it makes me sick to my stomach there are babies NOW getting vaxxed bc thats what's h for them and their parents have no idea how much grief theyre causing right now so yea maybe stop vaxxing your kids?? slavz Shikha there's a lot to unpack here but let's just throw away the whole suitcase discourseful at first i was like yeah okay this a dumb but manageable take and then op went for the rabies thing and my soul left my body honeybruh everyday this site drags us further and further away from the will of God and into madness What corner of hieronymus Bosch hell did this come from Where's my post about being confused about how great civilizations fall into the dark ages and then looking around me living in 2018 cause this post is proof of that Imao therealklt If you didn't go to their blog you're missing the best part My Rabies Story My Story I have always had a particular closeness to the concept of rabies and identified as rabioromantic before my diagnosis I decided for the sake of my mental health I would become infected This past year I met a girl online who was born with rabies said she could infect me We met up this past June and excuse the tmi took part in BDSM sex She bit me really hard on the shoulder until I bled and I've had rabies ever since I refuse to go to a doctor as they tend not to understand rabiosvirosexuals so pleas don't ask me to Does this mean you're going to die soon? Short answer no Contrary to belief rabies doesn't actually kill you I'm in the incubation period atm so I have no symptoms Ev experiences rabies differently and I co potentially live a full happy life For exam the girl who bit me was born with rabies and hasn't died yet Are you going to infect other people? Not unless they really want to I currently curb my biting impulses by biting into raw steaks so I'm fine and safe to be around x This is the kind of stuff that you have to lauglh at or you'll go insane hysterrific yes i actually have rabi stop asking When I said I was so desensitised to Tumblr I couldn't be shocked anymore I didn't mean it as a challenge Sorry for the annoying submit button tumblr mobile sucks Meme











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