They won't tell you about these Black inventors at school! BLACK INVENTORS INVENTOR Frederick M Jones Benjamin Banneker Granville T Woods George Cook William H Richardson Alexander P Ashbourne Charles Drew Thomas Elkins George T Sampson Samuel R Scrottron DATE PRODUCT Air Conditioning Unit Almanac Auto Cut-Off Switch Auto Fishing Device 1889 1875 Biscuit Cutter Blood Plasma Bag Chamber Commode Clothes Dryer Curtain Rod Curtain Rod Support liam S Grant Osbourn Dorsey Osbourn Dorsey Willie Johnson Lewis Latimer Alexander Miles Powell Johnson Joseph W Winters Thomas Marshall Leonard C Bailey Nathaniel Alexander Walter B Purvis David A Fisher Garrett Morgan George T Grant Robert F Fleming Jr Lvdia O Newman Walter B Purvis Alfred L Cralle Albert C Richardson Sarah Boone Frederick J Loudin Michael C Harvey John H Smith John Thomas White Washington A Martin Elijah McCoy James Robinson Paul L Downing Thomas W Stewart Egg Beater Electric Lamb Bulb Elevator Eye Protector Fire Escape Ladder Fire Extinguisher Folding Bed Folding Chair Fountain Pen Furniture Caster 1872 1899 1911 1890 Golf Tee Guitar Hair Brush Hand Stamp Ice Cream Scoop Insect Destroyer Gun Ironing Board 1883 1899 1887 1884 1893 Lawn Sprinkler Lemon Squeezer 1893 Lubricating Cup Lunch Pail Mail Box Mop Peanut Butter Pencil Sharpener Record Player Arm Rolling Pirn Shampoo Headrest 1893 ge W Carver John L Love Joseph H Dickinson John W Reed Charles Orren Bailiff Edmond Berger Thomas A Carrington Madam C J Walker Charles B Brooks Granville T Woods Frederick M Jones Garrett Morgan Matthew A Cherry 1819 1864 1876 1905 Stethoscope Straightening Comb Street Sweeper Phone Transmitter Thermostat Control Traffic Light 1884 Some black inventors you might have missed because of our imperfect academic systems Meme











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