thewhaleridingvulcan: charitypot: feelingbloodyinspired: buickey: ep0nine: saramcclarinet: brainbowunicorn: Sometimes I just start singing and my mom joins in Whoa… #don’t trust this#they’re probably sirens These two are singing “O magnum mysterium” by Tomas Luis De Victoria! It’s a very pretty piece from the renaissance that has a lot of different voice parts singing totally different melodies that mesh well together. I sung tenor for a song of his as well. It sounds ethereal in cathedrals and bathrooms alike my opinion. Its the room’s ability to bounce sound and make it resonate, giving it it’s “mermaid siren” like quality. It sounds great. Congratulations, you both! Sounds very pretty and seems like a fun time to clean with things like that. yes its back on my dash god lol I always reblog the bathroom sirens <3