thejoanglebook gerrycoco Joan Appreciation Day song Here is my humble contribution to Joan Appreciation Day @thejoanglebook this one’s for you ***Personal note*** I struggle to see projects through in life for many different reasons that aren’t worth going into at the moment All I can say is that I’m inspired every day by people like Joan who put their heart and soul into what they do Joan you are a comedy genius a musical mastermind and all around crazy talented human beingYou are the reason I pushed myself to make this video This past weekend I learned that Joan Appreciation Day was on September 3rd and so wished to contribute something but didn’t know what At one point I had a spark of inspiration and actually decided to follow it and do something with it for once If anyone could appreciate a good pun it’s definitely you And you more than deserve all the praise that we can give So I took my courage and attempted to put it to good use and I’m rather proud of the resultSo thank you for not only inspiring me but also for being a catalyst to put myself out there and giving something new a try Hello @gerrycoco and hello everyone else Sorry I’ve been pretty quiet todayyesterday but you should understand that I’m the type of person whose reaction to a performance of happy birthday dedicated to me is an internal “do I deserve this? Don’t make eye contact This will be over soon” I can be pretty emotionally unavailable and I feel like I should be absolutely floored by the incredible honor of having so many people celebrate me but instead of feeling thankful I feel like I owe something back I’m like “oh God they’re all being so kind How do I show my appreciation for them?” Especially because on some level I feel like reblogging all of your wonderful works of art could be vanity I’m terrified of vanity I don’t want to lose touch and start to think more of myself then I deserve to I want to keep growing and I want to put others first If I accept this gesture does that mean I agree that I deserve it or that I’m done growing? I don’t think I’m a genius at all and I’d rather you not rebut that because I’m really not trying to fish for compliments hereThat said the one thing I’m the most happy about having accomplished is having worked on written for contributed to or created projects that have inspired other artists Some of you may know that I’m very pro-fan fiction If I don’t accomplish anything else I love that someone could’ve felt motivated to make something beautiful after seeing me attempt to make something beautiful myself It really does warm my heart That’s why I’m reblogging this because I love that you felt the neccessary courage to put yourself out there @gerrycoco… I’m really really glad that you did It’s a lovely song And believe me I really struggle to see things through myself– that’s why I only collaborate with people because sometimes I think that that might be the only way that I can finish anythingI think I’m going to continue reblogging art for the occasion a little belated I know Even if I don’t think I’m emotionally ready to believe I’m at all worthy of being celebrated I do think that all of you wonderful artists are🧡 Joan Meme











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