thefloatingstone fearoftheminotaur atma-starfish commandtower-solring-go dpdchxkenpachi commandtower-solring-go dpdchxkenpachi swan2swan skeletim precumming Wtf… holy SHIT Do not doubt a god I don’t get it The original Twitch plays pokemon was a Twitch based event from a few years back where users of the Twitch Chat could submit button presses based on the layout of an old Game Boy to play Pokemon Red Eventually they did manage to beat the game But along the way it had sparked a huge following and somehow developed it’s own lore based on the pokemon caught and the names they were given However at Mount Moon Twitch decided to take the Helix Fossil an item that could be used to acquire an Omanyte later in the game Due to the nature of the system a lot of the time the character just would walk around in circles for hours on end and one thing that would happen constantly would be that they would open their item menu and try to ‘use’ the Helix Fossil Since the item had no function people adopted the idea that they were ‘consulting’ the Helix Fossil for advice and that it was their lord and saviour What makes this Lady Helix so incredible is that there was an incredibly small chance that they would get to Wonder Trade And knowing wonder trade the pokemon you’ll get in return is impossible to predetermine So for not only them to get an Omanyte is amazing But the fact that that Omanyte references explicitly the events of he previous TPP is nuts I knew that Twitch plays Pokémon was wild I had no idea that the lore ran this deep Haha that’s amazing Oh it gets way better Due to the random arse nicknames the pokemon got they adopted monikers to go with it I’ll run through a couple ABBBBBBBK was the starter pokemon Charmander and was nicknamed Abby However was released JLVWNNOOOO was the player’s Ratata nicknamed Jay Leno It was released with Abby following due to loyalty aaabaaajss was the TPP Pidgeot the strongest pkemon on the team and was chosen by the Helix Fossile It was nicknamed Bird Jesus Eevee the false prophet sent by the Dome Fossil Evolved into Flareon and was released AATTVVV was the team’s Venomoth lovingly nicknamed the All Terrain Venomoth One of the final party AA-j was the team’s Zapdos caught with a masterball and was dubbed Battery Jesus however he was a false prophet Only a short time after it’s capture on the 11th day were a great deal of pokemon were released It did however make it to the end of the game AAAAAAAAAA or also known as The Fonz was also one of the last members in the party A Nidoking that helped leave the team to victory I only saw a little bit of the actual stream but I followed the whole thing it was amazing i want to point out that All Terrain Venomoth was horrendously underleveled and managed to take down one of Lance’s Dragonites The reason everyone hates Flareon is because they wanted a Vaporeon that could surf In actuality the party was in DIRE NEED of a water pokemon when they got the Eevee as Twich kept trying and failing to get a water pokemon at that point because it was essential to continue the main game When Eevee was obtained everybody was like “ok good! We can evolve it to Vaporeon and keep the game going!” and then a fire stone ended up being used instead and they ended up with a Flareon And the game was once again in severe trouble and in need of a water pokemon to continue THAT’S why Flareon was dubbed “The False Prophet” Because it was SUPPOSED to be the Vaporeon that could save them from their current predicament The “Sent by the Dome Fossil” came from the idea that since the Helix Fossil was God the OTHER fossil you can get in the game the dome fossil must be evil There’s also the entire section of the game where Twitch had to go through the Pokemon Tower which was a special kind of hell… But somehow Twitch managed it And eventually beat the game with the team commandtower-solring-go showed I don’t know if anyone knows of an abridged video of TPP on youtube or something If only because the unedited video of it would literally beentire weeks long to try and watch If anyone has a link to something like that please share source lost Meme











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