thebisexualpunk boop-le-beep bubblyseal gerard-wee idontevenhaveone xxdarthvaderofmiddle-earthxx the-magnificent-otaku-taco-chan silly-aesthetic-me thatloginceshipper vetal–miking seraph-s nerdgul imtooqueerforyournonsense terflies vince-dafreak Being trans is not special or fun You need dysphoria to be trans Being cisgender is great Being trans is not your aesthetic Truscumtransmeds are the only ones who really care about trans peopleHopefully people like Skye are still a minorityIf you have gender dysphoria I hope you will be alright You can always talk to me if you feel badAlso sorry for my English mistakes >> Visit my art blog NSFW “Truscumtransmeds are the only ones who really care about trans people” Never mind that that’s not true it’s outright manipulation of vulnerable people anyway skye is a boy and i support him way fucking more than i would ever support truscum I fixed it @vince-dafreak anyway you dont get to play god and decide peoples gender for them and you being a trans man doesnt give you authority over others peoples presentations and identities! @vince-dafreak he’s mine now Trans people can look however they want and present themselves however they want A person’s gender identity doesn’t have to be shown through physical appearance Fuck off and let trans people be who they want to be Skye and all trans people like him are valid I love all of you 💜 I was mad then I wasn’t Support for Damian and Skye The only version of this I will ever reblog Damian and Skye forever If cis men can wear makeup and loose sweaters then trans men can too Let people have their own unique experiences while figuring their gender identity And let Them Be Themselves !!! I love how we took this and went “these two boys are a both valid and bdating” Meme











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