The Wall Street Journal WSJ Friday at 1001 AM Most millennials don't even know what fabric softener is used for and that worries Procter & Gamble 60 Dou ULTRA Millennials Are Fine Without Fabric Softener P&G Looks to Fix That wsjcom weareallstilllearningright bi-fem-plantnerd sagelynaive organized-studies kindnessandgoodvibrations kindnessandgoodvibrations ghostoftwentysomethingspresent madsciences awfullydull markrial tramampoline slow-riot Weirdly anti-millennial articles have scraped the bottom of the barrel so hard that they are now two feet down into the topsoil its so wild like “this generation with no fucking money is learning to prioritize essentials” and all these chucklefucks can write is advertisements for these companies at least our jeans won’t tear at the seams after two washes FUCK FABRIC SOFTENER IT’S UTTERLY POINTLESS AND FUCK DRYER SHEETS LITERALLY NOBODY EVER HAS ENOUGH OF A PROBLEM WITH STATIC TO WARRANT PAYING OUT THE ASS FOR THAT SHIT DO YOU WANT CLEAN CLOTHES? YOU DON’T EVEN NEED TO BUY FUCKING DETERGENT JUST MAKE YOUR OWN* IT’S SO GODDAMN EASY AND 80X CHEAPER FUCK THE ENTIRE LAUNDRY INDUSTRY*Fuck The Entire Laundry Industry Recipe 1 cup Washing Soda not Baking Soda Different things 1 cup Borax not Boric Acid Also a different thing ½ cup - 1 cup grated bar soap you can use literally anything I often use Ivory because it’s easy to get and I find it works well a lot of people like Fels-Naptha which is an actual laundry bar Some people use Dr Bronner’s Really does not fucking matterAfter grating your soap combine all ingredients That’s it That’s the whole thing Use maybe a ¼ cup per load ^^^ I’ve done this for years now and it works as well as any store bought detergent WHATThank you tumblr user awfullydull! Your URL does no justice to the good advice you give! Also you can MAKE your own washing soda very VERY cheaply Step one acquire $5 bag of baking soda from Costco Step two lay that motherfucking baking soda out on a baking tray Step three bake the baking soda on a tray in an oven at 400° for 1 hour to make the moisture evaporate leaving washing soda Step four revel in how easy and cheap it is to make your own washing soda and maybe take a moment to be angry that the industry upcharges the fuck out of something that is so easy to make I see some of y'all complaining about static andor wanting nice smelling laundry Go to a craft store find 100% wool yarn balls If it doesn’t come in a ball ask an employee to make it into a tight ball for you Wash in the washing machine to make it felted Remove from washer add a few drops of essential oil to the ball allow to seep in Dry with clothing Doesn’t need to be rewashed ever and if it stops smelling add few more drops of essential oil Bam reusable dryer sheets I love this post so much it’s filled with helpful advice hatred saving money and fucking the system all in one Kudos to all of this but don’t ask a craft store employee at a chain craft store to make your wool yarn into a tight ball for you I worked at JoAnn Fabrics for a year and a half We literally have no resources or ability to do something like that You could do a better job yourself at home The chain craft store employee can’t look up a youtube tutorial for making yarn laundry balls on the clock you can If someone had walked up to me while I was working at JoAnn and asked me to take a half hour or more out of my shift to try and fail in making some kind of tight yarn laundry contraption I probably would have burst into tears And if my manager had come out and found me trying and failing to wind yarn when I was supposed to be running go backs I would have gotten a talking to Craft store employees aren’t allowed able or willing to do your crafts for you That’s why it’s a craft store Don’t hurt retail workers in your quest for overriding the capitalist system For the love of everything beautiful please just look it up These are all great ways to reduce waste we produce from constantly buying detergent softener and dryer sheets Is there like a reason not to buy detergent? Cause uh this sounds a million times more complicated and definitely more expensiveMost washing pods are £5 for a pack of about 30 I’m already counting more than that for those ingredients Also who the hell just knows where to get Borax or Boric acid? Guessing you’d have to get it online so you’re probably racking up a bigger CO2 footprint with your “DIY fuck the system” bullshit than you would if you like just bought some normal soap Also idk what magic you think needs to happen to clothes but if you don’t like laundry soap yk you could just throw other soap in there it’s the machine doing most of the washingBetter yet if you have all this spear time and energy for laundry just get a bar of soap and a rack and scrub the clothes by hand Do you have literally no concept of cost as it relates to quantity? The ingredients may be initially slightly more but you’ll get a lot more than 30 loads out of them Also “all those ingredients“? It’s like three my dude And borax is not hard to purchase? And if you don’t know where to buy it Google exists?Like maybe in your view there is zero reason to make your own detergent but there’s also zero reason to act like some helpful cost-effective tips are the worst thing you’ve ever seen 🙄 Meme











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