The Virgin Baseball vs the Chad Kickball Has to wear protective gear because one guy died like 70 years ago No way of differentiating between teams absolute chaos Requires hundreds of dollars of specialty equipment Large red ball can be seen Poor eyesight from straining to see tiny ball by anyone no eyewear required Can't decide between glasses and contacts goes for weird goggle things instead No deaths on record safety equipment would only get in the way Can freely bombard players nobody ever gets hurt Takes three hours to play one game a player with a one in three chance of making anything happen is considered great Has a strict dress code must be business casual to even play Simple ruleset that even a second grade can understand OUCH! Can be Garish color schemes Too many rules for anybody to keep track of played anywhere anytime to tell the teams apart everyone looks the same anyway No specialized equipment required only a $5 rubber ball Like seriously what even is a balk Requires four umpires and people still argue every call Can only be played in extremely specialized stadiums field still isn't standardized No uniforms players may freely express their personalities in stylish Used to be able to hit No umpires arguments over rules resolved in players with the ball but can't anymore because it's too dangerous color combinations Games only last as long as recess seconds The Virgin Baseball vs the Chad kickball Meme







Business Casual




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