The US SHOULD be divided like this Nos Norther Suthwes* Southeost But its act э11ym like this uest South Whot keyhollow rametarin someoneintheshadow456 vikkidc rv-nn el-kabongjr manwiththesquidhat kichizone oswinstark wilwheaton kittydoom jimmyfury pumpkinskull interruptingpanda myotpisgay ninjaboots gayyourlifemustbe cloakstone69 president-vanellope wake up america this is to educate my non-American followers This really is how the US sees itself and yes 95% of the time Florida = WHAT?! In Florida the more North you go the more “South” you get In Florida the central part pretends to be the south the western part pretends to be the northeast and the south pretends to be the west I’m not even kidding you … Please tell me you guys are kidding Florida is like it’s own country I swear I’m from Florida and I can confirm this Also South Florida is basically Miami and alligators oh i always assumed florida was part of The South? north florida is yes The rest is not I’m from Florida and grew up in SCNC Can confirm all true 👍 Um This is so wrong You’re forgetting the part where California sees itself as its own entity We do not want to be grouped in with everyone else thanks clearly none of you have ever met someone from texas I’m from Texas and I “Yee-Haw” this message ^ LMFAO America truly is a bunch of countries in a trench coat Bitch please at least your “countries in a trench coat” speak the same language Sorta The number of Spanish-only speakers is goin’ up up up Which needs to change or shits gonna get fucky real quick especially in school system standardized testing bullshit ugh You say that as if shit hasn’t been fucky for decades  Meme











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