The Unsent Project The Unsent project is a collection of text messages submitted to me under the prompt State your first loves name In 10 words or less tell me what you would tell them if you sent them a text message Also include the color that you think of when you think of your first love The collage displays the texts on the color paper that the submitter specified The texts are arranged by color to highlight what color most people see love in The collage currently displays roughly 350 out of 2000 submissions Submit your own text and read more about the Unsent Project at Rorabluecom #Unsentproject Find me on Instagram Rorablue t wish 1alked more piato Row arways s thone Got my money If onty I knew what you really thought of me You are th flow in n veins could never describo my love 4 u udoit? I wish you loved me My fuck knees Im so So sorry I will always Tell me how u wea goodove you but imfeel I hate done showin it od eno for you? back guessing Ur the coolest I was so sure about have no regrets You the best Im sorry l enough re wasn't good Dand gorgeousest anymc re g1 irl O Josh 2 am has passed and You'r nere are wr do You were in my veins you Happy 3rd anniversary handsome I still miss you and airy in ho ing ptionsSend BackOptionsSend MA TO Bethany圆 NC TO Issac t was your brothe lam too Shy to talk You shaped me to the persen l a You are weird I know you're whenever I am still in love with her love you around Send Back Options Send Bck Options Send Back Options Send BackOptionsSend Back ABC To Lorenzo I cant stay wthout TO Brandon BC TO Devon C TOSterling I m scared you'll find Wlr yo? hope my ex mak you happy someone else Back OptionsSend Back Options Send ARC To Connor Back Options Send Back Options Send ABC TO Trung BC TO Tucker Somewhere alt the way things Defore you prew a changed TO brandon up foo C TO Amanda You said I was asking To Milian Im sorry that im don't regret anything for it gay Baek Options Send Options Send Options Send ABC NEC TO colin I wish things I fucked your mso An ocean as further didnt work out n it seemed new boyfriend You'll never realize how much ily this way Back Options Send 8c8OptionsSend Back Options Send ill the only You're loss to call me autiful TO Dalton E ITEC TO Nate 圆1 INRE TO A ING TO Taylor ■Ilme 10 Bryson Its been 6 yrs We could have Yau were the b had it all be mers of m ave ou were the b since weve guess spoken well friend Back Options Send BackOptionsSend Back Options Send Back Options Send Hayden ERA ǐ LEE TO Zach ■ Meme











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