THE SEX BINARY IS A LIE inferior-mirage antifakiddie queerlection Image description - Image of the intersex pride flag with the text THE SEX BINARY IS A LIE End description If you disagree with this you’re denying that intersex people existhave a right to exist just sayin I disagree with this because my intersex disorder Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia is not a different sex My diagnosis is specific to the presentation and symptoms expressed in a female body Many intersex diagnoses - including Klinefelter’s Turner’s and hypospadias - continue to resemble our birth sex without confusion If you disagree with this you’re denying how variations on human sexual dimorphism cause significant problems to our health and fertility Disorders of sex development reveal variation not deliberate and distinct categories If you read the archives of intersex advocacy organizations like OII or ISNA we strongly reject being othered as fake males and females Your ableist approach to erasing our chromosomal and phenotypic abnormalities to mark us separate but equal is not shared by the intersex community medical professionals or intersex activists Dr Leonard Sax wrote “This type of extreme social constructionism is confusing and is not helpful to clinicians to their patients or to their patients’ families Diluting the term intersex to include “any deviation from the Platonic ideal of sexual dimorphism” Blackless et al 2000 p 152 deprives the term of any clinically useful meaning The available data support the conclusion that human sexuality is a dichotomy not a continuum More than 9998% of humans are either male or female If the term intersex is to retain any clinical meaning the use of this term should be restricted to those conditions in which chromosomal sex is inconsistent with phenotypic sex or in which the phenotype is not classifiable as either male or female The birth of an intersex child far from being ‘a fairly common phenomenon’ is actually a rare event occurring in fewer than 2 out of every 10000 births” The Intersex Society of North America rejected raising intersex babies as a third sex with this statement “Sorry gender warriors… We believe there are two problems with trying to raise kids in a ‘third gender’ First how would we decide who would count in the ‘third gender’? How would we decide where to cut off the category of male and begin the category of intersex or on the other side of the spectrum where to cut off the category of intersex to begin the category of female? Second and much more importantly we are trying to make the world a safe place for intersexed kids and we don’t think labeling them with a gender category that in essence doesn’t exist would help them” Your flag is a lie “Having two arms is a lie and if you disagree with this you’re saying that people with birth defects that give them additional limbs don’t have a right to exist!” What the fuck kind of logic is that? Intersex is by definition a defect that exists outside of the norm Gender may be more up for debate but sex is definitely a binary Meme











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