THE PERSDN WHo DISCOVERED SHARkS PRANSON REESE I AM G0IN 6 INTO THE BIG WETNESS SMooTH LIONS ARE EATING ME goatyellsateverything maetyu-y bransonreese aurora-gleam slangwang bransonreese crystallotusfr bransonreese serpentking456 notcaycepollard the twitter thread the artist created after this was one of the best situations i have ever seen in my whole life Somebody give this ignoramus a piece of actual shark skin and tell him to rub his face with it let him find out just how “smooth” sharks really are Somebody did I use it as a pillowcase because it’s so smooth But buddy Shark skin feels exactly like sandpaper It is made up of tiny teeth-like structures called placoid scales also known as dermal denticles These scales point towards the tail and help to reduce friction from surrounding water when the shark swims … In the opposite direction it feels very rough like sandpaper Here m8 httpswwwfloridamuseumufledufishdiscoversharksbasics Buddy It’s smooth The link you sent me led to a website that described how smooth they are I dunno maybe you don’t know how to read? this post is transcendent You’re thinking of dolphins Dolphins are the ones with smooth skin that feels like a rubber beach ball Source I’M A MARINE BIOLOGIST No I’m thinking of sharks Source I’m a superior marine biologist This keeps getting better and better Meme











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