The only magazine l want to read @DrSmashlove DOG Ladies listen If u talking to a man And u angry at him And u text with him And u send him 17 well-written paragraphs about some shit that got u feeling tight Don't force his ass to respond right away Let him reflect Let him soak that shit in I know how u ladies are Y'all just can't write 17 paragraphs Y'all gotta do one more sentence Y'all gotta put his ass on the spot RESPOND MOTHERFVCKER DON'T U DARE GO SILENT ON ME Ladies lemme tell u something This 17 paragraphs that u mad about? U been thinking about it for days Maybe weeks Now - after u unload on lil homie - u want a full detailed bullet point response in 19 seconds or less No Give him a second Let him read that shit Let him respond in due course In fact - TELL HIM to respond in due course U feel me? Be like This was on my mind and I wanted to get it out rather than hold it in I don't need a response now Bam Now a man is gonna do one of a few things 1 Call u - good That mean he wanna fix this shit 2 Immediately apologize - BEWARE AF πŸ˜‚ A man's whose apology game is too strong? U gotta be careful He ain't tryina discuss shit - he just think all women are trippin at all times and he wanna get back to being in the Punani as quick as possible Again - handle with care He could be a real Joanna the Scammer in sheep clothing 3 He might go silent This mean he either thinking about things or he really truly at the bottom of his heartdon't give a FLYING fvck about you πŸ˜‚ Now here's the tough part It's a fine line He could be speechless over how bad he hurt you - if so he'll speak up soon and open a meaningful dialogue about making things right Or he'll just faaaaaaaaade awaaaaaaaaay from yo ass Either way nothing wrong with seeing where u stand But regardless Give him time Working shit out take thought And care Don't put someone special to u on the spot Let him see things from your view Ya get me! Bless up 😍 Meme

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