The correct gender and sexuality lions There are only TWO SEXES MALE and FEMALE MEN HAVE XY CHROMOSOMES WOMEN DO NOT WOMEN HAVE XX CHROMOSOMES MEN DO NOT On some rare occasions a male can be born with XX chromosomes and a female can be born with XY chromosomes This is however extremely RARE and does not make the female a man or the man a female The man will still have full funtional testicles and penis The female will still have a fully funtional vagina 998% of all people identify as the sex they were born with GENDER SEX No matter what your feelings claim Sex and gender are the same thing There is no difference A male born with a penis can claim he is a woman but this is factuallu a biologically incorrect and vice-versa for women If you were born with a penis you're a MAN If you're born with a vagina you're a WOMAN Women produce This is what makes a woman a woman It is responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics Estrogen is what makes females typically more emotional and compared to men A man with extra levels of estrogen does not make him a woman Woman have breast They lactate milk to feed their young Men CANNOT No matter how much feminist ell you otherwise Men produce TETOSTERONE This is what makes a man a man Tetosterone is the primary male sex hormone and plays a key role in the development and regulation of the male reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics Tetosterone helps with muscle development and hair growth Tetosterone is what makes men for aggresive and 'manly' compared to women BREASTS Women have a vagina MEN DO NOT Once a month for a 5-7 day time the vagina will bleed This is caused by the inner walls of the uterus thickening to prepare for a baby If the eggs are not fertilized the inner walls will release the VAGINA Men have a penis and testicles The testicles produce is used to fertilize female eggs which lining resulting in the blood MEN DO NOT HAVE PERIODS WOMEN DO NOT HAVE PENIS OR TESTICLES AND CANNOT PRODUCE Women have two eggs and one uterus The eggs are fertilized by resulting in a baby The uterus is used to gestate and baby The baby develops in the WOMB MEN DO NOT AND CANNOT HAVE WOMBS EGGS OR UTERUS SEXUALITYS Straight means you are only enaertJwia TRAIGNTattracted to people of your opposite YOUR sex No exceptions If you are attracted to someone of the same sex you CANNOT BE STRAIGHT FEELINGS Genderfluid' DOES NOT EXIST SEXUAL Bisexual means you are attracted to both people of the opposite ARE NOT It is a made up term You cannot be both a man and a woman If you have a vagina and dress as a man that does not make you a man If you have a penis and dress as a girl that does not make you a girl Sex isn't a inter- and same sex No exceptions if you are not attracted to someone of the same as well as the opposite sex then you CANNOT BE BISEXUAL FACTS HOMOSEXUAL Homosexual means you are only attracted to your changable outfit Being transgender is not to males and Males only transition to females same sex nderfluid Females only ever transition No exceptions if you are attracted to the opposite sex then you CANNOT BE GAY ACEVI MEN CANNOT GIVE BIRTH OR BECOME PREGNANT OR LACTATE STOP LYING Asexual means you are not attracted to anyone regardless of their gender TO CHILDREN Asexual people do not engage in any kind of sexual activities and most real asexuals say they do not feel sexual arousal Asexual people have been known to be in relationships but do not engage in sex No exceptions if you engage in sexual activities of any kind you CANNOT BE ASEXUAL A FTM giving birth is not a 'man' giving birth because he is biologically a woman WOMAN CANNOT PRODUCE SPERM A MTF winning a 'worlds tallest woman' award shouldn't count because they are biologically a male thus taller than a female PENIS Friend sent this to me Meme











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