The COMPLETE WORST-CASE SCENARIO Survival Handbook New Aad Cl Ad F Sn Epem MAN SKILLS By Joshua Pives Dvid Bergenich &Ben H Wioiss THE COAIPLETE How To GIVE A DoG THE How to Perform the Heimlich HEIMLICH MANEUVER Maneuver on Your Cat 1 Check for throat obstructions Open the dog's mouth and inspect the back of the throat looking for the object causing the obstruction If you see it carefully tongue forward for a better view Kneel and hold the cat in front of you close to your chest Place one forearm under the remove it If the dog is unconscious pull the cat's front legs and hold him up and out- stretched facing away 2 Shake the obstruction free If the dog is smal pick him up and hold him by the hips with his head hanging down For larger dogs hold the hind legs from you Place the fist of your other hand just below the bottom so that the head hangs down If this fails to dislodge the obstruction place the dog back on the ground and proceed the next step to rib Give two or three 3 Place your arms around the dog's waist With the dog standing together around the stomach placing them just below the last rib quick firm pushes inward to force the air lying down clasp your hands or out of the lungs and dislodge the object 4 Compress the stomach Push up five times rapidly How To SAVE YOURSELF 5 Check for an obstruction Sweep the dog's mouth with your fingers to see if the object dislodged FROM CHOKING was 1 Try to talk you can talk or are able to vocalize in any way or if you make a sound when coughing your airway is not completely blocked and you are not in imminent danger of death Keep coughing to dislo dge the stuck material If you cannot make any sounds you will need to perform the one-person Heimlich maneuver 6 Repeat If the object has not come free strike the dog firmly If between the shoulder blades with the flat side of one hand and then do another five abdominal compressions Alternate the back-slapping and compressions until the object is knocked free 2 Quickly locate a blunt object at waist level If you are indoors find a chair table counter or other piece of furniture if you are outside look for a tall tree stump fence ledge or large rock 3 Face the object 4 Bend over the object Lean so that the object touches your body six inches above your navel 5 Fall Let yourself drop forward hard and fast onto the object This movement should force the air up your windpipe and eject the item that is blocking your airway Place your arms around the dog's waist below the last rib and compress the stomach WARNING! An unconscious dog may sill bite reflexively Be careful when sweeping the mouth When jarring the obstruction free by striking the dog do not hit him so hard as to injure him choking 69 How To TREAT SUNBURN 1 Remove the clothing around the affected area Do not apply any suntan lotion to the burn Clothing irritates the skin and the lotion will only prevent the skin from getting much-needed exposure to the cool- How To DEAL WITH INSOMNIA ing air Avoid caffeine nicotine and alcohol Stretch or do light exercise an hour before 2 Put a cool compress on the sunburn Soak your shirt or another available cloth in cold water and apply it to the affected area If the burn is especially bad wrap the shirt around an ice pack and use it as a compress bed A gentle workout relaxes muscle tension Take a warm bath A bedsheet s0aked in ice water is also effective if the burn area is very large Eat a bedtime snack Drink warm milk or herbal tea 3 Drink three to six ounces of water Cover illuminated clocks Drinking water will prevent dehydration and help the skin by promoting sweating to cool Lie on your back rub your stomach flex your to es 4 Apply a soothing gel or ointment to the sunburn Aloe lotion is ideal You can refrigerate it first so that it feels cool to the skin Think pleasant thoughts oCount sheep 5 Take a pain pill and lie still Ibuprofen will1 help alleviate the pain around the sunburn Lie in a position that exposes the affected area to the air 6 Seek medical attention if your symptoms are serious Dizziness sensitivity to light quick pulse or rapid breath ing clammy skin rash fever chills and nausea are all symptoms that could point to something sunburn If you experience these symptoms call a doctor How to Cure Hiccups worse than a ild WARNING! Always higher Apply it approximately three minutes before going out into the sun use sunscreen with an SPF sun protection factor of 15 or NAvoid exposure in the late morning and early afternoon when the sun is at its hottest Bear in mind that the rays of the sun are stronger near the equator and at high altitudes Lengthy exposure to the sun can cause not only sunburn but also heat exhaustion a fairly mild illness More serious is heatstroke which can be fatal Symptoms of both conditions include fever and sweating but mental confusion is a sign that the heat exhaustion has progressed to heatstroke NA new layer of skin will replace the sunburned skin in as little as two days or as long the burn Fill a tall glass with water front of you lean forward over the glass mouth is on the rim farthest away from you Tilt Holding the glass in so that your as two weeks depending upon the severity of the glass so that the bottom moves toward you and the top away from you drink the water as it moves toward the front of the glass ailments 51 awesomage The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook Man Skills Meme










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